Organic farmers, asociations & seed sellers sue Monsanto

Farmers can find their crops contaminated by Monsanto's transgenic seeds

I’ve posted a few stories about Monsanto and its stronghold tactics in regards to genetically engineered – or transgenic – seeds. There has been much media attention on how the corporate giant has gone after small farmers who inadvertently found themselves growing the contaminated seeds mixed in their otherwise traditional or organic fields.


Now a broad coalition of organic farmers, associations, seed businesses and traditional farmers – who represent over 270,000 individuals from across the US and Canada – have filed a lawsuit against Monsanto to protect themselves from being accused of infringing the chemical company’s 52 patents.

If ever you wanted to get the broad picture of what’s involved in the David and Goliath, critical tug-of-war focused around transgenic seed crops, the court brief is definitely a must read. Surprisingly, it’s easily understandable with little of the usual legalese you would expect to find in a traditional court document. It’ lays out the situation, ramifications and position of both Monsanto and the farmers / seed companies that this effects.

As to what will happen with this lawsuit, it’s much too early to know. I’ll keep you updated with news as it is available. If this lawsuit is successful, it will put a great deal of responsibility back on the company on how and where its seeds are planted and provide farmers with hope that their crops might be safe from contamination.

Hopefully the courts will decide in favor of the farmers and hold Monsanto to a higher standard than they’ve obviously been operating under.


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