Celebrate Arbor Day – creative opportunities to help plant trees

Seventy percent of the Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. Yet, According to the World Resources Institute, more than 80 percent of our world’s natural forests  have already been destroyed. Since rainforests generate rainfall in other drought-prone areas of the world, their destruction in areas of west Africa may have caused two decades of droughts in the interior of Africa, along with severe hardship and famine.

Want to help re-tree the planet? There are a few great ways to help.

Teaching kids about the environment can be fun, especially when Build-A-Bear Workshop® is involved. They’ve teamed up with GREENZY’S to offer the first, make-your-own cuddly GREENZY’S Panda, Yew Yew. In honor of National Arbor Day on April 29th, for every very cute GREENZY’S panda purchased, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in that person’s honor.

Purchase a Greenzy's Yew Yew Panda and help plant a tree

Go to greenzys.buildabear.com to receive a personalized digital certificate acknowledging your planted tree contribution.

If the internet is more your style, here’s another option to help reverse deforestation. As part of their 50 Million Tree Pledge,  Enterprise Rent-A-Car has planted one million trees each year since 2006.

This year, Enterprise Facebook fans can get in on the tree-planting action.  For each Facebook fan that commits to planting a tree in the next six weeks, Enterprise will plant an additional tree in his/her name (up to 50,000 trees), making that an additional 100,000 trees to be planted in 2011. This year, around 350,000 of those trees will be planted in the Klamath National Forest to help restore the forest after wildfires that have ocurred over the past three years.

Replanting the Klamath National Forest after three years of wildfires

Not sure you want to participate? Here are some facts.

  • One million trees can lift 10 billion gallons of water out of the ground and put it into the air in one day.
  • One million trees is enough to fill 42 Central Parks.
  • One million trees can absorb 1 million tons of CO2 during their lifetime.
  • One million trees helps restore habitats of hundreds of species of animals, many of which are threatened or endangered.
  •  One million trees helps generate $162 billion worth of environmental benefits over 50 years.

Getting involved and planting a tree will make a difference for years to come. Anyone can plant a tree. It’s not rocket science – just a little elbow grease – or a few bucks for a cute green bear someone will love. So go on, make a difference this Arbor Day. Why not?

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