The next sustainable source of rubber – dandelions?


Could a dandelion's milky liquid be a sustainable resource for rubber?

Ford Motor Company. has been working with researchers at Ohio State to create a new sustainable resource for rubber. Odd as it may seem, that source could well be the innocuous dandelion weed.

The sticky, milky white  liquid that seeps from the roots of the Russian dandelion (Taraxacum kok-haghyz) is currently being grown at OSU’s Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. If successful, Ford could use this substance as a method to improve the impact strength of plastics.

Russian dandelion could be the next sustainable source of rubber

It could then be used in things like  floor mats and interior trim if it meets Ford’s standards for durability,

Whoever thought that dandelions could prove durable, much less a potential enhancement and/or replacement for rubber? Sort of makes you think twice about pulling up those weeds.

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