Ford’s green commitment – now and the future

The time I spent at the Forward with Ford conference last week was both fun and highly informative.

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Green trends, sustainabilty and Ford

I’m currently attending the media-focused Forward with Ford conference in Dearborn, Michigan. Having never expected to be in or near the Motor City, this is a fascinating and very interesting experience.

But here’s a taste of what I’ve been observing and discovering – and what I’ll be blogging about over the coming days.

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Easy ways to recycle – Part 3

We covered all the “usual” methods of recycling in the first two parts of this series. But there are some broader strokes that will allow consumers to “upcycle” or repurpose items. These are somewhat newer options that may not be as well-known but are definitely pretty useful.

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Easy ways to recycle almost anything – Part 2

When it comes to recycling, after “the usual” stuff (plastic, paper, etc.), the next level gets pretty interesting and diverse. Retailers have jumped in to make it easy for consumers. Here’s another list of resources you may find useful.

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Easy ways to recycle almost anything! (part 1)

There are still towns across this country that don’t offer curbside recycling. Whether or not your community offers this,  there are a growing number of easy ways you can responsibly recycle almost anything.

Here’s a partial list of suggestions and websites you can check out to help you “clear the decks” and do something that’s gentle on the earth too.

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Apples contain more pesticides than any other produce

A new report released today by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for the first time listed apples as #1 on its “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and veggies tainted with pesticide residue.

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EPA opponents have loudest voice on TV news

A recent report by Media Matters, the web-based, non-profit watchdog group that analyzes and reports on conservative misinformation in the US media, shows that climate change naysayers are having the biggest say on top TV newscasts.

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A new green website – and so much more!

You’ve wondered. You’ve waited. Now it’s here!, the new website, has launched!

Now there’s a one-stop site to go that provides potential solutions to everyday issues, offering information on the latest green technology, eco-innovation, sustainability and emerging developments in green products and services.

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