A new green website – and so much more!

You’ve wondered. You’ve waited. Now it’s here!

Eco-hub.net, the new website, has launched!

Now there’s a one-stop site to go that provides potential solutions to everyday issues, offering information on the latest green technology, eco-innovation, sustainability and emerging developments in green products and services.

The new website offers you a range of opportunities.

  • Searching for an expert environmental writer to provide you with original, engaging articles or blog posts? Check out Eco-hub.
  • Need a professional blogger for your upcoming environmental conference? Check the site.
  • Looking for a top-notch professional speaker to jazz up your audience about the latest green trends or strategies? Check out Eco-hub.

Eco Trends: Keys to Affordable Green - a CD filled with cool, new affordable products you'll love to have

And if you haven’t heard of Eco Trends,the radio program, now you can own the CD! Profiling 24 of the coolest affordable eco-friendly gadgets out there, and tested to ensure there’s no greenwashing, these top quality products will easily replace plenty of outdated chemical-filled products you’ve used for years out of habit. Living green never looked so good!

Eco-hub will also be Envirothink’s new home base  – with an easy link to get you here.

So be sure to check out Eco-hub.net. Bookmark it as your go-to site for all things green. Then spread the word!

6 Responses

  1. I’ll check out the site right away! How did you find out about it?

  2. Hi Debra – The Eco Hub looks like it has a lot to offer. Nice job!


    • Thanks for your comment. Glad you like the site. Keep coming back to see what else is new over the coming week – and be sure to check out my blog, Envirothink, for the lnewest eco-innovations and breaking eco news.

  3. Sustainable Starkore City revealed. Visit http://www.et3.com and http://www.makakabusi.com for the latest info. It is “green” both in transportation, buildings and urban design. A generic synthesis for our travelling together in balance on earths spaceship.

    • Very interesting ideas.

      By the way, I took out the 2nd website as the link doesn’t work.

      Thanks for your comments and for checking out my blog. Be sure to come back and see what’s new!

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