Easy ways to recycle almost anything! (part 1)

There are still towns across this country that don’t offer curbside recycling. Whether or not your community offers this,  there are a growing number of easy ways you can responsibly recycle almost anything.

Here’s a partial list of suggestions and websites you can check out to help you “clear the decks” and do something that’s gentle on the earth too.

The opportunities to recycle the “usual” – paper, plastic, metal and glass – just keep expanding.

Many communities are offering multi-recycling bins in public areas

A.  Depending on where you live, you can include newspaper, magazines, circulars, cardboard, toilet paper tubes (rarely recycled), cereal boxes with your normal curbside paper recycling. The same holds true for the multi-bin containers some communities have made available around town.

B.   Plastic – now you can even recycle #5’s and plastic screw-on tops

  • Aveda haircare will accept plastic bottle tops at their salons and independent salons that carry their products (check their website for details)
  • Preserve will take-back #5 plastic containers through their Gimme 5 program and turn them into durable plastic tableware and containers.

C.   Glass:
You can recycle food jars, soda and beverage bottles. Look for the “G” on glass bottles – that means it’s made from recycled glass and can be recycled again

Over 41 billion glass containers are produced every year. 30% of glass containers in the supermarket are recyclable, but
not even half of these containers are recycled by consumers!

D.  Metal – check w/ your Solid Waste / Public Works division to see if they accept scrap metal (many will)

Check out part 2 of this story to learn about recycling CFL’s, batteries, electronics and some other great useful suggestions!

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