Easy ways to recycle almost anything – Part 2

When it comes to recycling, after “the usual” stuff (plastic, paper, etc.), the next level gets pretty interesting and diverse. Retailers have jumped in to make it easy for consumers. Here’s another list of resources you may find useful.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs

Some towns have begun accepting these at their recycling centers. A few towns have even begun accepting them in their curbside recycling, though this is very new.

Many large retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, IKEA, some Ace Hardware stores also accept them Also individuals and companies can get pre-paid mailers and send them back in for free.

Batteries and cell phones

The above-mentioned retailers accept a variety of these. Target stores also have an in-store recycling kiosk for these.

When it comes to cell phones, there are LOTS of recycling options – from take-back programs to donating them to the military.

Target stores now offer in-store kiosks for convenient recycling


There are many take-back opportunities for all sorts of electronics. Communities and non-profits seem to regularly sponsor e-waste take-back days.Then there’s Best Buy’s take-back program and now manufacturers are beginning to accept these back as part of their new commitment to product stewardship.

There’s still one more installment left! Come back soon and learn about great, creative and fun ways to “recycle” all that “stuff” you have lying around. You’ve heard the old adage about “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure?” Oh so true. In the 3rd installment,  I’ll give you some great resources that will help you move it out to give your stuff a new home.

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