Easy ways to recycle – Part 3

We covered all the “usual” methods of recycling in the first two parts of this series. But there are some broader strokes that will allow consumers to “upcycle” or repurpose items. These are somewhat newer options that may not be as well-known but are definitely pretty useful.

In the ever-growing world of phone apps, there’s one that can guide you to recycling opportunities. My Recycle List is a free app that will help you locate nearby recycling  places using your GPS or by zip code. With interactive maps and a web browser, it will make recycling easier than ever.

For those who don’t have access to apps, you can go online to 1800recycling.com and search for the location of your nearest  recycling center.

There’s a new website called Rid It Right. It’s a web-directory of non-profit and charitable organizations, youth groups and troops, schools, and responsible recycling centers where you can donate or recycle whatever it is you want to get rid of, but don’t really want to throw away. It’s currently limited to a region in the Northeast but they do plan to expand their geographical service area.

There are a number of companies that have jumped or rather dived into the recycling business, but with a different twist.

Known as a mega-manufacturer of appliances, LED’s and known for their Ecomagination program and competition, General Electric recently announced it will now accept and fully recycle refrigerator water filters that need replacing. When you order a new water filter for your fridge, GE will send you a free mailer. They will accept four kinds of filters –  models MWF, MSWF, MXRC and GSWF.

TerraCycle turns "trash" like used candy wrappers into somthing cool like this bag

New Jersey-based TerraCycle practically invented the concept and practice of upcycling. Their Brigades – which began with drink pouches and used chip bags – have grown to include forty five different products – and growing! Their commitment is to eliminate consumer waste and they sure make it easy for consumers to do the right thing  and raise money for their favorite charity at the same time. If you haven’t heard about these, definitely check it out.

These are some of the easy-to-do ways to recycle. With so many options, there’s no reason to toss so many things in the trash, is there?


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