Prestyl heating panels create green functional art

Good artwork enhances any room’s décor. PrestylUSA has taken this a step further, using distinctive artwork that serve as heating sources to efficiently heat both residential and commercial buildings.

These heater panels utilize thin-film, far-infrared heat, a heat-like microwave technology first developed by NASA as part of their space exploration program. The technology has been used in aircraft, ships, trains, homes and public buildings for almost two decades and is used almost as frequently as the mechanism on your garage door.

PrestylUSA's Van Gogh wall heating panel

Made from recycled materials, Prestyl’s wall and ceiling panel heaters provide an energy savings ranging from 15 to 50 percent and plug into any standard electrical outlet. And they’re almost completely recyclable at their end of life.

With hundreds of art works to choose from, these attractive heat panels have little impact on floor-to-ceiling temperature, yet they help maintain dry walls, discouraging mold by providing constant air humidity. Easily and quickly installed, Prestyl heat panels are barely 0.6 mm thick, requiring minimal space, and leave no black residue on walls. Comprised of an aluminum surface and frame, these stylish panels are available in five sizes.

One of hundreds of ceiling style choices from PrestlUSA

PrestylUSA’s website features a Simulator to help you calculate and decide which size and style works best for your needs. Available in Europe and the U.S., you can learn more about these energy-saving heat panels at


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