Paper Shower – the easy, eco-friendly way to stay fresh

Those of us who enjoy outdoor summer sun and fun know how hot and sticky you can get. And it’s not always convenient to shower before your next activity or meeting.

Realizing that using conventional wet wipes weren’t a great solution, dentist and avid biker Jim Bachall created Paper Shower, wet-dry combination packets meant to be used as a full body wipe for on-the-go.

These towelettes are distinctly different from those you’re familiar with. Regular wipes are mainly alcohol, which dries your skin and leaves it feeling wet and sticky.

With regular wet wipes, when the alcohol dries, the dirt you don’t get off dries to your skin, says  Bahcall.

Paper Shower is alcohol free. It contains a high amount of water along with unscented soap and skin moisturizers that help cleanse your entire body. This is the only towelette product on the market that contains both a wet and dry towelette.

Paper Shower's wet-dry towelettes make it easy to stay fresh in summer

After you use the (Paper Shower) wet towelette,” Bahcall said, “when you take the second pass with the dry towelette, you pick up the residual sweat and dirt.”

And the dry towelette absorbs the moisture but leaves the moisturizer, he said.

Durable, soft and not easily frayed, Paper Shower towelettes contain part recycled materials. And their ingredients include things like aloe vera and Vitamin E.

I tested out Paper Shower after a recent hot daytime gardening session. It’s simple to use. Gently wipe off using the moist towelette, then use the dry one to wipe off any excess moisture.

Paper Shower left my skin feeling clean and soft, without any leftover stickiness. I would have been comfortable enough to go straight to a business meeting if need be.

“It gives you that clean feeling because your skin is able to breathe and your pores aren’t filled up with dirt,” said Bahcall.

It does such a good job the military is actually testing it out for their possible use as well.

This product would be a great fit for all sorts of things: camping, hiking, biking, clean-up after picnics, the beach or lake, and definitely for traveling. Paper Shower comes in slim two-packs, making it simple to toss into a gym bag or briefcase.

A great alternative to help keep you fresh and clean, Paper Shower isn’t an anti-bacterial or an antiseptic, so it’s gentler on your skin. And it’s for external use only.

Paper Shower comes in packs ranging from a 6-pack up to a case of nine 6-packs. At around $1.25 each, it’s an economical way to face our triple digit weather and keep fresh and clean.

Paper Shower is already available in the UK and Australia. Bahcall says they’re currently in discussions with retail giants like Walmart, Target, Walgreens and big sporting goods stores to get it on their shelves. He anticipates it will be available in retailers over the coming year.

You’ll find Paper Shower online now at and Amazon.

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