Charge it up – with a convenient solar charging station

The cost of transportation just keeps going up. No wonder we’re seeing more alternative vehicles on the road. From mopeds to bicycles,  Zipcars,to electric vehicles, all of us are looking for ways to get from our garage door at point A to our necessary point B a lot less expensively.

Duo-Guard Industries, an innovator in high performance daylight systems as well as customized outdoor structures, is building solar charging stations to accommodate all the new forms of transportation. These new charging stations are in response to President Obama’s call to action to put one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.

Duo-Gard products encompass more than mere structures or lighting. Their products combine function, innovation and architectural aesthetics.  Duo-Gard has a reputation for innovative sustainable products that are consistent with LEED compliance. Their solar-powered stations are scaled to the size of the project and the charging needs of the vehicles involved.

The new charging stations will feature a canopy of solar panels that are completely sealed against rain and snow, unlike other solar canopies that have gaps between the panels. Another plus is the structure’s distinctive customized design.They will utilize a sustainable strategy that combines aesthetics, engineering and value.

Each community can decide whether these charging stations will be offered as a free service or contain machines that accept payments, including credit cards, to allow the community recoup their financial investment. Also the stations will be net zero energy structures, able to produce energy that’s both used and stored for future use.

A number of communities across the country are in the process of building and / or in discussion about building these innovative eco-friendly charging stations. Art plus green plus function. That’s a stunning combination/


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