Breakthrough announced in electric vehicle charging technology

Most folks like the idea of owning an electric vehicle – no worries about the price of gas being a big factor. But the issue has always been the limited amount of miles per charge that their batteries can hold. No one wants to get stranded due to losing power on the road.

Canadian inventor Thane C. Heins, CEO of  Potential Difference Inc., seems to have solved this critical issue.

Potential Difference has invented Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology, which is a breakthrough in EV and hybrid-electric (HEV) technology. This new process – a new type of electric generator that reverses Lenz’s Law – will allow all electric vehicles to continuously recharge their batteries and provide their drivers with the possibility of infinite driving range.

Needless to say, major automobile companies including General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan, as well as NASA, the US Air Force, the Canadian Space Agency, MIT and a host of others have already shown interest in adopting this technology. Thanes is providing free licensing of this amazingly innovative  technology to Nissan, GM, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz.

Hein is offering his Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology for free to many automotive giants

Heins explained his reasons for extending his offer to industry quoting Albert Einstein: “We shall all require a new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.”

The batteries of future electric vehicles will be able to infinitely recharge themselves while the EV is in full motion. Battery recharge capacity will thus be increased with unlimited range. The generator works as a motor and accelerates when a load is applied – whether for acceleration, coasting or braking.. Potential Difference Inc. says that increasing the generator output to any amount or level will NEVER stall the system.

Imagine backing out from your garage doors, knowing that you’ll never have to worry about having to stop for gas or to charge your car. A clean, sustainable energy driving solution. Now THAT is something we can all get excited about!

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