Supplying electricity for homes with the Nissan Leaf

The new electric Nissan Leaf is making waves again, this time with the announcement that its power supply system that st0res electricity in lithium-ion batteries can also supply power to a house.

The Leaf’s batteries will be able to store up to 24 Kwh of electricity. The company says this is enough to power a Japanese home for approximately two days for use in case of power outages or to allow customers to store cheaper off-peak power for use in high demand periods.

Unveiled at the ‘Kan-kan-kyo’ demonstration house built by Osaka-based homebuilder Sekisui House Ltd. in front of the Nissan Global Headquarters in Yokohama, the system connects to the house’s electric distribution panel via a simple connector linked to the LEAF’s quick charging port. By utilizing this charging system, the company says homes will receive electricity throughout the day, reducing the burden on the current power supply by utilizing electricity that’s generated via the Leaf at night or through sustainable methods such as solar and wind power.

Nissan says it’s continuing to study how this charging system can be fully aligned and connected with current power systems. It’s definitely another exciting step forward in technology that makes a difference.

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