Virtual Repairman helps you extend the life of gently used appliances

As the popularity of do-it-yourself continues to grow, household tool guys have an ever-broadening field of options to choose from. The idea of tinkering to repair something rather than tossing it out for a newer model just keeps looking better.

Even wanna-be home repair folks can use the Virtual Repairman to  fix what isn’t working and extend the life of  household appliances.

Virtual Repairman is a new online web repair application offered through PartSelect that can help identify the most common problems and solutions to older household appliances. It’s a dream come true for both eco- and frugal-minded consumers who long to keep things working well past their warranty expiration dates.

The site is easy to use. Simply input the model number of the appliance, then sort through the information to troubleshoot the problem you’re having. The Virtual Repairman scours PartSelect’s database of over 2 million parts for dishwashers, dryers, stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and washers for all major North American brands.

Click on the symptom that matches your appliance’s problem and you’re instantly connected to the parts and other resources that will help you resolve the appliance issue. You’ll find plenty of great information, including repair guides, pictures, diagrams, extensive library of repair videos, and thousands of installation instructions written by do-it-yourselfers detailing the repair process.

Not sure where the model number is? The site can help you locate that too.

The information is written in easy-t0-follow language and contains useful suggestions and tips. For first-time “DIY’ers”, it even has step by step explanations and videos on how to do the necessary tasks – like disconnecting the power source before attempting a repair, what to look for and alternatives to try. This site makes do-it-yourself appliance repair almost as easy as opening your garage door.

If you’ve hesitated to jump on the DIY bandwagon, this is a great first step. Remember – fixing it means one thing less going to the landfill AND it saves you money. Always a great combination.

Check the site out and see!


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