New online organic store – an buyer’s opportunity for healthy savings

Green Polka Dot Box - for healthy food at more affordable prices

The importance of eating healthy is all over the news. And the benefits of eating organic continue to be touted. The problem for many is the elevated cost.

A new buyer’s club for organic and natural foods will officially launch in the next few weeks. Called Green Polka Dot Box. it will feature the same quality products you’d expect to find at any quality natural foods supermarket like Whole Foods, but for a lot less. To quote a colleague of mine, it’s like Costco online without the hassle of having to go there.

There are a lot of pluses to this website’s offerings. You get the convenience of ordering online, without having to leave your garage and drive to your local natural foods store. And if you are willing to sit through a long but informative 30-minute webinar with details about the site’s features, you can sign up for a one-year free membership, and get discounts on all kinds of organic foods and products for up to 60% off the retail price. For orders of $150 or more, there’s even free delivery.

The site’s founder and CEO, Rod Smith, says the online store won’t carry products with harmful ingredients and is committed to passing along passing along cost savings to consumers.

Green Polka Dot Box (GPDB) offers two types of memberships. The Club membership which I mentioned, and their Rewards membership, which offers the same discounts and savings as the other one but includes an opportunity to additional discounts and recurring income as well.

Order the quality organic and natural products you'd expect at natural food stores

There are some other unique features to this website – with a fixed timeframe to take advantage of them.

GPDB is currently offering an added level of membership – the Founding Trust. Priced at $2,000, this is a lifetime membership with added discounts, no annual fees and a much greater opportunity for recurring rewards – and ongoing revenue. And unlike a similarly styled MLM  business model – which this definitely IS NOT – there’s no inventory to stock and no meetings to attend. For the price, this level membership could be a real win-win for health-oriented organizations and individuals to take advantage of.

But there’s a BUT – this membership is only available until the website launches and won’t be available any time after that.

The company plans to only sell 2,500 memberships total right now. This is to allow them to ensure they can fully manage and serve customers with top quality and timely delivery. Additional applications will be wait-listed.

Green Polka Dot Box sounds like it will be a great way to get healthy, more affordable products for an even healthier lifestyle. If you’re thinking about it, remember the time limit, so be sure to check the site out soon.

5 Responses

  1. This looks awesome! Is it available to Canadians too?

    • I don’t believe it’s available in Canada. But you can go to their website and contact them to find out.

  2. another healthy product over the net, those product that are locally limited edition is best way to sell over the internet.

  3. I’ve found products with questionably GMO products in the ingredients list on the Green Polka Dot Box web site.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Can you let me know which ones you question so perhaps I can send the company a query about it / them?

      Appreciate it. And thanks for checking out Envirothink. Be sure to come back, won’t you?

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