MealTrain helps families ease through life-changing events is a great resource for friends to help friends in need

Life is filled with changes – births, serious injuries, military deployment. all kinds circumstances. When a person or family experiences a life-changing event, friends and neighbors want to pitch in to show they care and make things a little easier for those in need. is a free, secure, private online solution that lets those who want to give organize meals to those they want to support.

MealTrain makes it simple to create meals their friends and loved ones will appreciate. Meals can be organized according to food preference, preferred meal time, foods that avoid allergies and number of people to prepare for. This meal calendar program lets friends help reduce stress on the family involved. Simply put, is a useful tool that helps strengthen relationships between friends, neighbors and community by organizing, preparing and serving meals.

The website makes it easy to create a week or two worth of meals, detailing what the family likes, dislikes, any special instructions and/or dietary restrictions. There’s also a space to list the meal’s recipients. A group can sign into the MealTrain and sign up for specific dates for meals they’ll organize and there’s a message board on the form so all participants can communicate with each other.

With MealTrain you can create a week or 2’s worth of meals and help reduce stress on the family involved

The website also contains a Tutorial and useful tips on etiquette.

Over the past year, MealTrain has seen over 21,000 families receive 175,000 meals organized and created by friend and families. That’s an average of around 800 families per night taking part in this remarkable project.

In case your worried about privacy, individual meal trains aren’t searchable. Each MealTrain is only accessible by invitation from the organizer through a unique web address that links to the specific meal train.

This sounds like a great way to make a difference for friends and/or loved ones dealing with life’s challenges. Those effected don’t have to drive to the supermarket to make sure there will be food on the table. The old-time custom of friends helping friends is alive and well with MealTrain.

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  1. This is a great thing to share with us!! Love it. I will add their site to my favs. Are they on Facebook? Have you heard of the restaurant SAME?

    • They ARE on Facebook. Just go to their website and you’ll see the info for that across the top.

      And I have heard of the restaurant SAME tho don’t know anyone personally who’s been there.

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