Climate change – which direction do you believe it’s going?

The face of the world is changing dramatically from what we used to know

There are well-known climate change deniers, many of them with a wide audience of believers. The issues are hotly debated and both sides can point to “evidence” that they say supports their position.

Oddly enough, there are facts involved, real bonified scientific research that one can easily go to and see “what’s so”,

Yet, as you’ll see in part of the video below, even the facts just aren’t enough for some to see the environmental disasters that are taking place around the globe.

So you decide. Watch the video, see the path that members of the Union of Concerned Scientists and climatologists have said we’ve been on for over 50 years and come to your own conclusion. Even if the facts don’t line up with what you believe, will you recognize the seriousness of what’s occurring?

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