Putting the green in theme parks

Amusement and theme parks are getting greener these days

As consumers demand for green products increases, businesses of all kinds are jumping on the green bandwagon. So to are theme parks across the U.S. and around the world.

Many modern parks are boasting eco-friendly and sustainable features that can make you feel good about enjoying yourself.

Theme parks are taking all sorts of measures to be green. Using biodiesel is part of Disneyland Resorts, Six Flags and Universal Studio’s strategy. A number of parks are replacing conventional lighting with LED’s and implementing park-wide recycling. Some are even adding solar arrays and wind turbines to generate green energy.

Though still in the works, Earthpart will feature an indoor tropical rainforest

Another exciting development in the works is Earthpark, slated to be built in Iowa. This 240-acre park is being billed as North America’s first center for science literacy and the environment. Word is it will contain an indoor tropical rainforest, a 600,000-gallon aquarium and more than 1,000 species of plants and small animals in a recreated ecosystem. As the park hasn’t yet broken ground, no word as to when it might open. Hopefully it won’t fall victim to the sluggish economy.

Nice to know the industry is serious about finding ways to be more earth-friendly. Whether due to consumer demand or simply a strategic move to more folks to drive to the parks, it’s good to know the result is a business doing the right thing for a change.


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