Farm Sanctuary and the National Conference to End (the cruelty of) Factory Farming

Factory farms confine animals in cages so small they can't even turn around

For those who don’t know – and many consumers don’t – much of the meat products that Americans eat come from factory farms. These “factories” are places where an often staggering number of animals such as chickens and turkeys are forced to endure extremely cramped confined spaces their entire lives, often stacked on top of each other – tighter than shelving in a garage – with no room to move around or nest in, much less any dirt to peck at. And cows and pigs endure even worse, many never seeing grass in their lifetime.

Farm Sanctuary –  the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization that rescues abused farm animals and promotes legislative, policy to help farm animals – is helping to bring together experts from the environmental, public health, and animal welfare movements for their first-ever National Conference to End Factory Farming: For Health, Environment and Farm Animals.

Chickens raised on factory farms crammed into a giant pen with no dirt

Factory farming has institutionalized animal cruelty and until recently there’s been little to no legislation to prevent or alleviate any of it.  Yet these “factories” cause environmental destruction, deplete resources, and pose a continual threat to the health of humans and animals.

More than 30 well-known experts will help facilitate a unique conversation that hopes to build real solutions for change. Speakers will include:

Panels will cover a wide range of factory farming-related topics, including climate change, public health risks, the emotional lives of farm animals, and the economics of industrial animal agriculture.

To find out more about this important conference – taking place in Arlington, Virginia on October 27-29 –  or to register to attend, go to

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