Painless Green – an easy resource for a greener lifestyle

Adding solar panels is just one way to reduce your energy use and live green

Having a green lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. This recurring theme is evident throughout Shel Horowitz’s e-book: “Painless Green: 111 Tips to Help the Environment, Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Cut Your Budget, and Improve Your Quality of Life-With No Negative Impact on Your Lifestyle.

An award-winning author of eight books, a marketing consultant/copywriter, environmental activist and a sought-after professional speaker. Horowitz’s specialty is affordable, ethical, effective marketing and what he terms ethical green.

Horowitiz’s green ideas build on the work of Amory Lovins, an environmental scientist, writer, and Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Lovins coined the term “negawatts” which, Horowitz says, are “the watts you don’t need to generate because you’ve made your buildings and your transportation systems so much more efficient.”

Horowitz's e-book "Painless Green" is filled with easy to grasp, common sense tips for green living

“We just need to get our act together with the technologies we’ve already developed,” he said.

Horowitz tries to make theories like Lovins’ accessible to people without a science background. This clearly shines through in Painless Green.

Painless Green is one of the most positive and “up” green books I’ve read. Each of the one hundred eleven tips is simple and easy to grasp.

The book is about “the easy, free and almost-free things that all of us can do in our existing homes or apartments.” Many of these tips are common sense.

There are the logical suggestions like when you leave a room, turn off lights and appliances and only running full loads of laundry. But there are many you may not have heard or thought of before. These include insulating your electrical outlets (tip #4) and when cooking pasta (tip #56), only fill the pan just over twice the height of the uncooked pasta (the rest just uses extra energy.

Horowitz says having a green lifestyle has important health benefits.

You’re not breathing the toxins and you’re not eating the toxins, he says. And “a green lifestyle exposes you to fewer pollutants,” said Horowitz, particularly in the agricultural sector.

Food that gets a chemical bath has less nutritional value and more toxins, he says. Sustainably grown food tastes a lot better to eat.

The electricity from LED bulbs costs 8 to 10 times less than that of incandescents

Still unsure of the benefits of going green? Horowitz gives this example.

If a department store with a forty-foot ceiling uses incandescent bulbs, how much does it cost to send someone up on a ladder to change that bulb two to three times a year? Using an LED bulb means you only have to send someone up the ladder every 5 years!

“Never mind that the electricity costs 8 to 10 times the purchase price of the bulb plus $200 in labor,” he emphasized.

“You begin to think, “I can do this. It’s going to save me money and I’ll get some karma points with my grankids or my neighbors,”’ Horowitz said.

Almost a quarter of the tips in Painless Green’s deal with water conservation.

Installing low flow aerators will help cut back on water usage

“That’s a place we really can have an impact,” Horowitz says.

Water, or the lack thereof, is a looming crisis, perhaps a decade or two distant. Horowitz notes that some areas of the world are already experiencing problems, such as sub-Saharan Africa.

But, Horowitz says, people can start to do the easy stuff, like not running the water when brushing your teeth or not letting it run unnecessarily when washing dishes by hand.

“People could make that change in two minutes flat,” he said. “It costs them nothing (and) it saves them money!”

“If we can get the word out now,” he said, “while we’re not in a crisis, maybe (it) will happen later.”

And later, he said, means for your grandchildren.

Raising some of your own food saves money and it tastes better too!

Horowitz believes in inspiring people positively.

“Doing this eco-list is a way of inspiring people, (giving them) easy lifeskills they can take to lower their carbon footprint (and) lower their water use,” he said.

Horowitz also has solid advice for people who work for companies that want to reach their market in a green fashion. His latest book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson), is a virtual roadmap that lets companies thrive as ethical businesses in whatever economy they face.

Horowitz’s Painless Green e-book, normally sold for $9.95, can be downloaded for free by entering the code at “earthday” at


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