A waterproof patch could save a life at sea

I recently saw a cable TV show about someone lost at sea after he escaped a damaged plane. He survived but had a harrowing experience adrift for over 24 hours with nothing to be able to signal anyone that he was alive.

Researchers from Finnish company Patria and the Tampere University of Technology, working under the auspices of the European Space Agency (ESA), have developed a patch that’s a flexible waterproof fabric antenna that could end up saving lives.

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Recycled pets

The following story was written by Michael Bloch

Warning: This article is both heart wrenching and uplifting

Recycling pets doesn’t mean turning your cat into a bird or your dog into a ferret, but it is a wonderful green way to approach the acquisition of your next animal companion. Environmental issues aside, it’s also a very humane choice.

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