A new tool to help locate wandering Alzheimer’s patients

New GPS Shoes will help caregivers keep track of wandering elderly patients

Although no fully accurate statistics exist, around 30,000 cases of wandering Alzheimer’s patients are reported annually. The numbers could be significantly higher – some say over 120,000.

It’s estimated that approximately 60 percent of persons suffering from Alzheimer’s will wander off from their caregivers. Current statistics say 5.4 million Americans are living with this disease. And with baby boomers aging, those numbers could reach as high as 16 million by 2050.

There’s a new tool available to help caregivers keep track of those who might wander.

GTX Corp. has partnered with comfort shoe manufacturer Aetrex to produce the GPS Shoe that allows for real-time tracking of the shoe wearer.

Designed by GTX Corp with Aertex, these shoes feature an embedded GPS tracker in the sole

Originally designed as children’s footwear, the shoes feature a miniaturized GPS chip and cellular device embedded in the sole that allowed parents to keep track of their kids by using an online portal. The company branched out to offering these for long-distance runners.

The new shoe miniaturized, two-way GPS technology embedded into comfortable and wellness shoes for the elderly.

There are already GPS devices designed as wristbands or that can be clipped to clothing. But too often these aren’t in place when an elderly family member wanders off, which can happen quickly. But rarely would someone wander off without their shoes, so this seems like a perfect solution.

The GPS tracker will send an alert to a smartphone if the wearer goes outside a preset area

Manufactured by a company in New Jersey, the GPS Shoe has a hidden miniature locator in the heel of one shoe and counterweighs the other so they’ll feel balanced.

While not the solution to prevent elderly wandering, is an immensely useful tool for caregivers and family member who may not be in the same vicinity to help keep tabs on their loved ones. This new shoe will help eliminate racing out of your garage in panic, worrying about where your loved one may be.

The shoes go on sale shortly and while the price tag isn’t cheap ($299 a pair  plus a monthly subscription fee of $30 to $40), the value of being able to keep loved ones safe has to be worth

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