Topricin offers natural therapy for pain

Carpal Tunnel makes handling objects difficult photo by dcalneo, Flickr

Pain, especially if it’s long lasting, can seriously curtail your ability to be active.

A few years ago I had carpal tunnel so severe I couldn’t close my hands or hold things. I experienced frequent shooting jolts of electric-pain down my arms. I stumbled on a pain relief healing cream called Topricin that turned everything around.

Topricin was created by former Marine Lou Paradise who, before his military service in the late 1960’s, spent years studying physiology and natural medicine, including homeopathy, a system of medicine that triggers the body’s natural healing response.

In 1984, Paradise began experiencing progressively worse micro-tears in his neck, arms and hands, resulting in “electrical jolts” down his arms. It was so severe he could only rest upright in a chair at night, trying to sleep.

Paradise began experimenting with homeopathic compounds, looking for relief.

His research led him to discover the formula of eleven combined homeopathic bio-medicines, which became the basis for Topricin.

Topricin brings real relief to a variety of painful issues, including carpal tunnel and low back pain

Within the first four weeks of using it, he was able to sleep for two hours a night. By week 8, he was getting four hours of sleep – in a bed! By six months, he was able to sleep through the night, and was pain and symptom free.

When Paradise gave samples to people with issues like lower back pain and arthritis,  every person he gave it to reported feeling better and that it let them to take less pain medication.

With his strong sense of service and his reputation as a researcher, Paradise took his work to the medical community.

He approached doctors to have them try this product on patients who in severe pain.  Even the most skeptical among them did a turnaround when faced with the positive results.

“It’s a real American story,” says Paradise.

Useful for bruises, strains and contusions, Topricin is made with a patented blend of ingredients. These include a purified blend of coconut oil, a terrific skin emollient, arnica (an age-old remedy for injuries and bruising), echinacea to help reduce inflammation and an ingredient that helps relieve burning sensations in the hands or feet.

Along with relieving pain, Topricin softens your hands, it’s odorless, greaseless, and won’t stain clothing. It’s formulated for maximum absorption and can be applied many times a day as needed, without fear of overuse or possible interference with medication.

The Topricin family of products

The synergy of the biomedicines working together makes Topricin the ideal formula for taking care of winter skin, says Paradise.

Topricin’s a non-chemical product, with no parabens, petroleum products and no preservatives.

In keeping with his philosophy of “Topricin for the entire family”, Paradise began addressing other pain-related issues.

Pediatricians had been using the original Topricin, said Paradise, even on children as young as two years old, though they don’t recommend that.

From ages two through eleven, children’s skin is different, he said. And they suffer from impact injuries, eczema, growing pains and other things.

Reformulating his product, Paradise created Topricin Junior.

It was a way “to revolutionize how parents and doctors looked at pain,” he said.

The Boo Boos Happen First Aid Kit

“This is a good product (to use along) with band-aids and other creams for typical bumps and bruises,” Paradise said.

He then created the Boo Boos Happen First Aid Kit.

“Children feel pain more intensely than we do,” he said.

Winner of the Parent Tested/Parent Approved (PTPA™) Seal of Approval and designated a Trusted Partner with Healthy Child Healthy World, the Kit includes a tube of original Topricin, Topricin Junior and colorful “ouch” bandages with faces on them.

Paradise’s next product was his Topricin Foot Therapy Cream.

Seventy five percent of our population experience foot problems - the reason behind Topricin's Foot Therapy Cream

Seventy five percent of our population experiences foot problems, he says. Tweaking his original formula, he added medicines that are specific to healing foot issues.

“These medicines don’t force the body to do anything,” said Paradise. There are no side effects “We have something that balances your body’s chemistries in a non-chemical approach.”

You can use the original Topricin where you’d use any of the other formulas.

“It’s a diversity of lifestyle product,” Paradise said.  And, he says, “we have no limitations, no safety issues.”

“Nobody was born to be in pain and suffer,” said Paradise. Topricin is about restoring hope and quality of life, he said.

Topricin is available in pharmacies, natural food stores, and other retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World and Fred Meyer. You can also find it online at

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