Gardening the indoor Windowfarm way

Windowfarms turns any window frame into an indoor farm

As a long time organic gardener, I’m always interested to learn about new and better ways to grow fresh herbs and veggies in small spaces. Having first started my gardening passion while an apartment dweller, I’ve watched the news on vertical farming with great interest.

A new system called Windowfarms Vertical Food Garden lets you create an indoor farm in your window.

This do-it-yourself kit began as a plastic bottle based hydroponics system. The soon-to-be-released new kit replaces recycled bottle planters with eco-friendly molded plastic holders and snap-together components. Using a timer, an air pump will regularly send nutrient-rich liquid to the top of the plant tower, allowing gravity to work its magic, feeding each pot on the way down each column. Any surplus liquid will be stored in the reservoir for future re-use.

Grow a variety of fresh veggies in the Windowfarm, even during winter

This fascinating indoor farming system can be adapted to any window frame, and its idea has taken off in countries around the world.

Windowfarms will make a perfect gift for any urbanite who dreams of growing their own food. They won’t be able to live strictly on what they grow, but the Windorfarm will definitely be a great addition to the lifestyle of any apartment or high-rise condo dweller.

Currently seeking final funding through Kickstarter (they’re close to their goal), a one column, Classic Windowfarms kit will be priced at $119.95 (US), but the project has reduced this to $99 (US) for Kickstarter backers. Making a pledge is simple and will ensure not only that this neat product will be funded but that it will be produced here in the U.S.

Several different sized options will be available and the website even has information on how to build your own vertical garden. So whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer who tinkers behind closed garage doors or you just want to snap those simple pieces together and get started, it’s worth your while to take a moment and make a pledge – large or small – so this super useful product becomes a cool, “Made in America” new product to be proud of.

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