Plastic Bags: on their way out?

Wildlife are mistaking plastic bags for food, often resulting in an agonizing death

In California alone, consumers use upwards of 19 million plastic bags per year, which require approximately 8 million barrels of oil to produce.

90 percent of the bags used in the United States never get recycled. Globally, of the 500 billion of the flimsy, single-use bags we go through, many end up either in landfills or as wind-blown or ocean gyre litter that gets consumed by wildlife and marine life, resulting in many agonizingly painful deaths. For many environmentalists and concerned consumers, plastic bags represent Public Enemy #1.

Across the globe, cities, counties and countries are grappling with this environmental disaster.

To discover what towns and countries have banned the use of these flimsy bags and what other options are being explored, go to

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this!!
    I always keep reusable bags in my car so I don’t need extra…and every plastic bag I get (ie. with the newspaper, etc) I reuse

    • That’s great. Now you may also want to consider using reusable bags too. I keep a stash of them in my car and use them for practically everything!

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