Green your holiday wrapping

Of the Earth gift wrap contains 50% recycled content

Getting even more into the spirit of the holidays means putting those holiday cards together, making sure you have the right presents and wrapping them up beautifully (or as best as you can).

Most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable. It’s usually dyed or laminated and can contain additives like gold and silver coloring, glitter and plastics.

According to the Sierra Club, if every family in the country used recycled or paper they already have to wrap just three gifts, the savings in paper would be enough to cover 45,000 football fields.

Seattle-based Of the Earth offers a selection of unique, handmade holiday wrapping paper. Their 50 percent recycled content comes from the Daphne bush in the Himalayas of Nepal. It’s the sustainable resource for their custom Lotka papers.

Many Of the Earth papers contain embedded flower seeds which will sprout when planted

Many of these colorful papers come with tiny, embedded flower seeds. Available in a number of designs and prints, some use vegetable dyes, some use conventional dyes. What’s fun about these papers is they contain 15 different flower seed species. According to the company’s co-owner, Kevin Graham, you can plant them and, depending on which grow zone you’re in, one or more of those species will sprout and grow!

By putting seeds in their paper, Graham says it encourages whoever receives it to think about where it’s from.

“It we can get people to think of what they’re using in their lives and the impact that they make, we can get people to be a little more conscious,” Graham said,

Midori gift wrap and ribbon are made of 100% recycled content

You’ll find Of the Earth’s beautiful holiday papers and invitation options online at

Another company offering beautiful holiday gift wrap and eco-friendly ribbon is Midori.

Based around sustainability and green practices. Midori uses 100 percent recycled cotton for their ribbon and their gift wrap. One of the only companies to do so, they encourage customers to reuse what they purchase.

“When we sell (our gift wrap), said Sarah Bush, Midori’s Marketing Coordinator, “we know we’re doing good for the environment.”

“Everything we can do to help the earth, we do,” she said. They recycle everything they can, use sustainable production practices, reuse all their boxes (“everything that comes in goes back out,” said Bush), and they have a recycling program so customers can send back the packaging and cotton bag their purchase comes in.

Midori goes even further, tracking and reporting their carbon footprint so they have accountability.

“We try to be a socially responsible company,” Bush says. “We do the best we can that our products are high quality (and) sustainable.”

Gift wrap from Earth Presents is made of 100% recycled content

You’ll find Midori’s beautiful, high quality ribbon and gift wrap for the holidays online under “Collections” at

Earth Presents is another option to consider for special holiday gift wrap and cards.

All their products contain 100 percent recycled content. And their “designers” – many of them autistic – are students who are part of Washington Very Special Arts (WVSA), an international organization affiliated with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that was founded over 35 years ago by Jean Kennedy Smith to provide arts and education opportunities to kids of special needs.

“Art’s a great way for them to express themselves,” says owner Julie Littell. This is obvious when you see the whimsical, colorful designs they create.

This Chanukah paper from Earth Presents is made with vegetable-based ink and bows are made from recycled PET plastic bottles

Their holiday gift wrap features colorful, trees, stars and reindeer, among others. And there’s Chanukah paper with a menorah wrapped around.

All of these products are green, says Littell. Their gift bags, which are biodegradable, can be used over and over. Their bows are made from recycled PET plastic bottles plus 100 percent post-manufacturing waste materials that would have been thrown into landfills. They use vegetable-based inks and their shipping boxes are 100 percent post consumer waste.

You’ll find Earth Presents cards, gift wrap and bows online at

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