UniversalGiving – helping to eliminate poverty around the world

UniversalGiving helps eliminate poverty around the globe

Focused on raising money for international charities and matching volunteers for make-a-difference global projects, the non-profit UniversalGiving has been making a big impact around the world this year. Their biggest task is working to eliminate poverty in its many forms.

Here are just some of the many ways generous donations have helped accomplish this in 2011.

  • They gave nearly $1.8 million dollars worth of volunteer hours. The countries most chosen by donors for these projects were  the United States, Kenya and Thailand
  • With “everyday donor” gifts that ranged from $5 to $3,000, they were able to:
  1. Donations helped purchase books for children in Africa

    Plant new trees, restoring degraded areas of the rainforest.

  2. Provide food and care to children in areas of East Africa devastated by famine.
  3. Support the building of earthquake-resistant housing, so families can live in safety

UniversalGiving also get noticed by the media this year, with stories in such venues as  Fast CompanyCSRWireSEE Change Magazine, and The Christian Science Monitor. This increased visibility helps expand their presence across the globe.

Restoring wildlife habitat for chimpanzees is an important UniversalGiving project

Corporate social responsibility(CSR) is also important to this organization. In 2011, they worked with top leaders in CSR in over 60 countries, continuing to serve long-term clients such as Cisco and new-term clients such as Symantec by creating and managing their CSR programs all over the world.

It’s through people like you and me that UniversalGiving is able to continue doing such important and valuable work. If giving is important to you and you have just a little to spare, consider making a donation to them before the end of the year.

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