The Green Refrigerator Machine keeps food fresh longer

We toss out around $500 worth of food gone bad each year

No one likes wasting money, especially when it comes to food. Yet a family of four tosses out around 180 pounds of meat and produce each year due to mold or decay. That’s over $500 wasted annually!

There’s a simple solution.

The Ozonator™ (The Green Refrigerator Machine) eliminates mold and decay by replicating the Earth’s natural ozone inside your refrigerator. Ozone is the most powerful disinfectants produced by Nature.

This patented, compact, lightweight device has been laboratory tested and FDA approved. Powered by four D-cell batteries, when placed at the back of the top shelf in the fridge, this handy gadget generates ozone for the first hour of operation, then switches to standby mode for almost three hours, activating every 10 minutes. It repeats the cycle until the batteries need replacement (usually four to five months).

Ozonator / the Green Refrigerator Machine reduces waste by keeping produce fresher longer

Ozone increases the “shelf life” of food by oxidizing some chemicals and neutralizing others. That means you get fresh fruit, veggies and other food staying fresh and flavorful longer.  Heavier than air, the ozone filters all the way down to the fruit and vegetable crisper drawers.

I’ve been using the Green Machine for around 6 months and I rarely have to toss out food because it’s gone bad.  And my produce lasts a lot longer.

This past summer, for example, I’d bought some ripe raspberries, which tend to get overripe fast. These actually stayed fresh for two weeks – and still tasted good!

With the (Green Refrigerator Machine), “nothing goes bad,” says Russ Karlen, CEO of Ozonator LLC.

“Everything lasts longer, including leftovers you’d (normally) throw away,” said Karlen.

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Karlen’s daughter, Brittany, came up with the idea of the device while a student at the University of Southern California. A vegetarian, she was annoyed at how much fresh produce she ended up wasting every few days.  Her professor – the current Dean of USC’s business school – suggested she research the problem and figure out how to bring the refrigerator into the 21st century.

The FDA approved ozone for food treatment and storage in 2001. In May of 2003, Karlen came up with the concept of the Ozonator™.

One of the recurring problems with every refrigerator is that cooked food smell. Using the Green Refrigerator Machine, strong smells from foods like fish, garlic and onions are gone.

“The Green Refrigerator Machine (leaves it) like a brand new refrigerator,” said Karlen. “This changes the whole equation,” he said.

The Ozonator keeps your fridge smelling like new - and saves you money too!

Knowing you won’t lose the fresh produce you buy means you can buy in bulk or larger sizes, so you can take advantage of better prices. You’ll save twice: you’ll keep food fresh longer and you’ll save at the checkout.

“It’s really about $1,000 a year you save,” said Karlen.

An award-winning device. Ozonator / The Green Refrigerator Machine took first place as Best of Expo at the 2011 New Living Expo in San Francisco and placed among the top five in the New Products Category at Go Green Expo in Los Angeles.

This innovative device makes a difference for a cause too. For each device sold, a percentage is donated to The Iacocca Diabetes Foundation, which is dedicated to the advancement of diabetes research.

The compact device is amazingly affordable. Priced at $29.95, with the savings you get from using it, it will pay for itself within two months! You’ll find the Ozonator / Green Refrigerator Machine online at

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