Living green for 2011 – a retrospective

One of 2 pesticide-free products that help control and eliminate bed bugs

We’ve made it to an exciting new year. While 2011 was an incredible year. during that time I profiled a lot of fascinating products, books and stories. Here’s a look back at my top picks.

One of the toughest products to write about was the BB Alert® bed bug detection products and the Greenbug All Natural Pest Control Products. It’s tough to face up to the possibility of having them, but these products let you deal with bed bugs safely, effectively and in a pesticide free, inconspicuous way. And Greenbug products have been shown to be a proactive solution that helps prevent the recurrence of bed bugs. To find out more about these, see and

DeOdor Works is a chemical-free alternative to deoderant

There is a growing concern about the rise of breast cancer in the U.S. One product I reviewed eliminates the need to use deodorant, whose chemicals could have a link to this disease. DeOdorWorks is a lightweight, medical-grade stainless steel bar that, when used under running water, neutralizes and eliminates the compounds that cause bacteria and odor, including body odor. I’ve been using it for about 8 months and it definitely works. You’ll find it online at Amazon, and through links from

Getting the most out of your food dollar is important. The Ozonator / Green Refrigerator Machine increases the shelf life of food, eliminates mold and decay and keeps fresh fruits, veggies and other food fresher longer. It also gets rid of strong food odors, giving your fridge that “like new” smell. Compact and affordable, it can save an average family around $500 a year. For more details or to get $2 off your purchase of the Ozonator, phone 877 678-3737 and mention this article.

Produce Magic removes dirt & pesticides from fresh produce

Another food-related product I reviewed and use constantly is Produce Magic Fruit & Veggie Wash by Vermont Soap Organics. It removes the harmful residue that’s left on produce, especially those we can’t see. This spray wash is non-toxic, biodegradable, detergent-free, USDA approved as a certified organic alternative to chemical and detergent-based products, and leaves no soapy residue behind. Find out more about it at

There’s another kitchen-related product that made my top list. VersaGlass by Ziploc® are long lasting, reusable containers made from tempered glass – fifty percent stronger than non-tempered, traditional glassware. Available in 6 sizes, it can go from the freezer to the oven or microwave to the table – and its dishwasher safe.  They’re available at Target, Raley’s, Walmart and on Amazon.

The Spoonk Accupressure Mat helps relieve chronic pain

Many of us suffer all manner of aches and pains. The Spoonk Accupressure Mat is an effective way to find relief from chronic pain – without chemicals! Its non-toxic, plastic points stimulate blood flow and nerve endings, helping muscles relax. Made from all natural materials – recyclable plastic, non-toxic, plant-based natural foam. it doesn’t contain adhesive glue or fire retardant chemicals. The Spoonk helps relieve tension, headaches, stiff muscles and achy feet. Check it out at

Topricin - all natural pain relief creams that work!

Pain relief is serious business and if you want another alternative to medication, Topricin’s patented blend of biomedicines come without chemicals, parabens,petroleum products or preservatives. And this simple cream softens skin too. Its formulas include the Original, the Foot Therapy, Topricin Junior and the newest one, the Boo Boos Happen First Aid Kit for kids. Topricin’s available at natural food stores, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and online at

Finally, someone came up with a recycling program for #5 plastic, at least the caps. Aveda Corporation’s “Recycle Caps with Aveda” accepts #5 plastic caps and/or lids for recycling which are ultimately turned into new bottle caps for their hair care products. To learn what they will and won’t accept and where to recycle them, see

"Grave Matters" - a resource for green burial alternatives

I rarely review books, but Grave Matters caught my attention. Its intelligent and sensitively written description of the tasteful, light-on-the-earth burial alternatives offers a much wider variety of green burial options than I was aware of. From the Memorial Reef Ball to burials in Nature preserves, this book is a thoughtful, informative look at choices we have to traditional burials. You’ll find it at Barnes and Noble, online at Amazon,, and at independent booksellers through

One of the more interesting ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is with TAP Insulation. Made from recycled paper and liquid natural borates, TAP insulation reduces energy loss, both indoor and outdoor noise, and it’s also a highly effective insect repellent. It’s the only pesticide that carries an Energy Star label. Safe for pets and humans, it’s also an excellent fire retardant. To locate a pest professional who can install this, go to

A Toy Industry Foundation distribution at MAcDill Air Force Base in Florida

One story that was a bit out of the ordinary but important was about Play Comforts, the partnership between the Toy Industry Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. This awesome program collects and distributes toys to kids of our military personnel at military bases across the country with the highest rate of deployment. These organizations are bringing smiles to the faces of these often “forgotten” kids. To find out how you can help or to make a donation, go to

Dogs of all ages will love Zuke's all natural dog treats

I couldn’t end my top 2011 list without something for our four-legged friends. Zuke’s high-quality all natural dog treats are made without corn, wheat, soy, additives or fillers. Available in seven varieties – including Hip Action, with glucosamine amd chondroitin to support dogs hips and joints – for the price, quality and flavors your dog will love, you just can beat these products. And they’re a “give-back” product too. You can find these at some pet stores and online at


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  1. Some great products here. I still need to try Topricin and I hope I never have to use the natural bed bug spray!!! Happy New Year!

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