Energy efficiency leaps forward nationwide

As the economy shows signs of moving in the right direction, so too does our personal and national energy consumption. A growing number of energy efficiency programs are noticeably increasing our energy savings and our usage efficiency.

According to a new report from The Institute for Electricity Efficiency (IEE), in 2010, our national energy programs saved enough electricity to power almost 10 million homes.

For the full story how on we’re gaining in our energy savings, see

2 Responses

  1. Why is energy efficiency so focused on electricity?
    It takes much more to heat our homes and workplaces.
    It takes more to transport people, ~ around the world.
    It takes much more to process our foods and beverages.
    Want to take a bath or a shower, or heat a swimming pool?
    Where does electricity come from?

    • I agree with your sentiments. But as electricity is still the current we deal with, that’s why it’s the standard.

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