Step ‘n Soak 4 Feet – easy relief for aching feet

Tired achy feet can get relief from a 20 minute daily foot bath

TV host, author and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz is a firm believer in soaking your feet. He’s done numerous TV segments on different foot baths – from simple baking soda to citrus, tea and vodka, America’s doctor recommends the benefit of a daily 20 minute “foot-bath”.

For those who love the idea of soaking their feet but not the hassle or mess, the StepnSoak 4 Feet is the perfect solution.

Ready to use out of the box, the Step ‘n Soak foot soaking system eliminates spills and requires no tub.

Made in South Carolina, these compact, soft vinyl “foot boots” slip on easily and can be used over and over again.

Step 'n Soak 4 Feet uses soft, reusable vinyl "foot boots"

Amazingly, the Step ‘n Soak was created as a soaking remedy for horses in 2009.

The saying in the horse community, said StepnSoak 4 Feet creator and horse enthusiast Lydia delRossi, is “no hoof, no horse!”

Everything horses stand in can effect their feet – and treating the problem is expensive.

Getting a horse to stand in a bucket? Not easy, she said.

When her rescue thoroughbred horse, Lenny, got an abscess and became “3-legged lame,” delRossi looked for a workable solution. When she found nothing on the internet and her patent attorney came up empty-handed, she got creative.

The prototype she designed was 21 inches tall, 14’inches wide, made of water-tight material, had a tie to wrap it around the leg, and it was sturdy.

Also, it was geared for women – because, delRossi says, “95% of all people who care for horses in America are women!”

Step 'n Soak was originally designed to use for horses feet

Eventually finding a manufacturer on the West coast to produce the vinyl and create the prototype, she brought it back to South Carolina and showed it to the vets and ferriers in the county. It was an instant hit!

A doctor said he could use it for patients who are immobile or wheelchair-bound, who can’t get their foot in a bucket of water to do what’s needed. They could just slip it on.

He was also thrilled to discover this for his military patients whose feet had been destroyed by jumping or wearing boots for days at a time.

“It gives them an element of freedom,” he told delRossi.

He also introduced her to a doctor at the local VA hospital, who was also wowed.

Just soaking your feet for 20 minutes makes a difference, says delRossi.

This foot soaking system can relieve maternity-related swollen ankles

There are so many uses for this simple foot soaking system. It helps relieve maternity-related swollen feet, soothes end-of-day foot pain, ices and soothes twisted ankles. It makes it easy to do in-home pedicures and helps heal sports-related injuries.

delRossi’s product is now utilized by the athletic department of the University of South Carolina.

Another surprising benefit of this product is it helps relieve fatigue and insomnia that patients experience as they go through chemotherapy. A 2010 clinical study conducted over a 6-month period on two groups of women dealing with ovarian cancer showed that a foot bath significantly reduced these symptoms “to the point of completely eliminating it within the first month.”

“(The Step ‘n Soak is) going to make a lot of people’s lives better,” said delRossi.

After the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, del Rossi realized her product could make a difference for relieving amputated and injured limbs. She contacted over twenty organizations to offer her product for free.

Sadly, none took her up on the offer.

“There are so many people at the end of the day (who are) in pain,” she said.

Step 'n Soak helps relieve insomnia and fatigue for women in chemotherapy

To use it, throw in some Epson salts – which are included in the package – and some warm water, then tie it. You can use it at your computer, in your cubicle (who’s going to know!), even (carefully) on long airplane trips.

delRossi is passionate about helping people.

She feels strongly that this product should be at every Cancer Treatment Center of America, collegiate game and in every Red Cross.

And it’s multi-functional, she says.

Priced at $14.95, you can find out more about the human version of this simple yet durable footbath system at For details on the equine / four-legged version, see

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