The CamelBak All Clear purifies water with UV rays

Having access to clean water is becoming a global issue.  Whether the nearest stream is in front of your home or out in the wilderness, you still have to make sure the water’s safe to drink.

CamelBak’s All Clear water bottle uses an integrated UV purifier to zap whatever unhealthy organisms might be lurking in the water supply.

CamelBak’s All Clear water bottle zaps 99.999% of bacteria and viruses from water

This all-in-one purification and drinking system integrates a high-powered UV light inside the bottle’s cap. To clean the water, simply screw the cap in,  hold the “power” button down for two seconds, then rotate the bottle. As the UV rays work their magic, the LCD screen counts down, letting you know when the process is complete.

The water purification system, which should be available for sale in March, claims to be able to zap 99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent of viruses and 99.9 percent of protozoa in 25 ounces (0.75 liter) of water in 60 seconds time. That’s just about the amount of time it takes to open electric garage doors!

The bottle’s rechargeable battery produces around 80 purification cycles per charge, with the LCD screen providing information about battery life and charging status. CamelBak says the bottle can clean 3 liters (101 ounces) of water a day for almost to seven years.

CamelBak carries a full line of BPA-free water bottles

This is the latest offering by CamelBak. They also offer a number of sports-type, BPA-free water bottles for between $15-30. The All Clear will retail for$99.00 and will include the 25-ounce Tritan Better Bottle, a classic cap for drinking, the All Clear purification cap, a protective case for storing the All Clear cap, and a mini-USB cable for recharging.

But there’s more to this company than just selling water bottles. They’ve teamed up with to raise $350,000 to provide clean water on a global scale.

A company with quality products and a heart. A great combination.

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