Gardens by the Bay – Singapore’s latest green Extravaganza

Singapore's Gardens by the Bay, photo by Craig Sheppard

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, photo by Craig Sheppard

The island nation of Singapore is passionate about green, and National Parks Singapore (nParks) has spearheaded the nation’s recent green transformation. As the government agency that conserves, creates, sustains, and enhances the Singapore’s green infrastructure, nParks has helped Singapore reach its status as the “Garden City of South East Asia.”

The creation of a green garden paradise has been underway since 2005.

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Celebrate the one you love!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Whether you’re going traditional (candy and flowers) or taking a romantic getaway, celebrate that special someone today / tonite. Make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Find chocolate with a conscience

Alter Eco's Fair Trade Dark Quinoa chocolate barThe bright red cards and red boxes of candy promoting Valentine’s Day romance are everywhere.

But there’s a dark secret underlying this fun holiday that’s beginning to see daylight.

Much of the chocolate sold by major chocolate manufacturers is produced through child trafficking and slave labor, working mostly under horrendous conditions for extremely poor wages.

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Recycling green glass can be tricky

Green glass isn’t always easy to recycle; photo by David Tames, Flickr

Most consumers think that any colored glass can be automatically recycled. And technically that’s true. But recyclers know all glass isn’t created equal.

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Future highways could charge electric vehicles

Tesla’s sporty all-electric car has Americans dreaming of EVs, photo by Mike Finnegan

Electric vehicles have captured the American imagination. There’s a secret hunger and fascination about the prospect of owning one, particularly as the prospect for more sporty models keep growing. But the issue of keeping them charged over longer distances has been a thorny one.  The best of them can only travel up to 100 miles before needing to recharge (with the exception of Tesla’s Roadster)

Researchers at Stanford University recently made a discovery related to wireless technology that could provide the solution.

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Gifts that make Valentine’s Day special and green

The Beeswax Heart Pillar Candle - a special Valentine's gift

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is almost here. Here are a few gift ideas sure to warm the heart of that special someone.

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Changi Airport, Singapore’s Green Gateway

Part of the indoor gardens in Changi Airport Photo by Magunth Kumar, Flickr

Singapore’s Changi Airport, one of most highly awarded airports in the world, was reclaimed from swampland and from the sea.

In 2010, the Changi Airport Group (CAG) established an environmental management system designed to proactively protect the environment, prevent pollution, and improve environmental performance and regulatory compliance. This program is based around the ISO 14001 standard, and debuted at CAG’s and Clean and Green Singapore “Changi Goes Green” event in November 2010.

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