Another (California) town bans plastic bag use

Dana Point, a town located in Orange County, California with a population of 33,000, has become the 67th town in the US to ban the use of plastic bags – the 42nd city in California to do so.

After being approved on March 6th, the new ruling goes into effect on April 1st – and it’s no April Fool’s joke!  Unlike many similar bag bans, it won’t include an added fee for paper bag use.

Restaurants will be exempt from the ban, after the threat of a lawsuit by the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition. The Dana Point plastic bag ban also won’t apply to businesses in the city with less than $4 million until Oct. 1, 2013 — six months after it goes into effect for all other businesses in the area.

Love to see this trend growing. Now if Congress would just step up and make it national.