Graphic Examples of Climate Change

This video illustrates the stunning changes that have been taking place around the planet – with glaciers, summer sea ice and ocean temperatures. The pictures are taken from NASA, satellites and other reliable data.

It’s tough to refute or deny the startling and rapid earth changes and projections based on the information you ‘ll see here.

The question is, are our political leaders awake to this yet?  And, as the answer sadly is a resounding “no”, what will it take?

Solar Roadways: Energy and Transportation Solution in One

Solar highways could produce 3 times the amount of energy we need here in the U.S.

There are 28,000 square miles of roadways spread across the 48 continental states. With the cost of traditional paving materials going up and their availability going down, innovator Scott Brusaw sees solar highways as the solution to several energy and transportation problems.

To learn more about this fascinating project and how Brusaw is working to solve the complex issues involved, see Part 1 of this two-part article at