The GreenPan – a healthier way to cook!

Besides scratching, there's a dark side to using regular non-stick cookware

Non-stick cookware has been around since 1938. Since the 1960’s, the technology behind it has pretty much remained the same.

But there’s a dark side to non-stick cookware. Unbeknownst to consumers, it contains two seriously toxic chemicals: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). Classified by the EPA as a “likely human carcinogen,” manufacturers must eliminate their use by 2015.

GreenPan is a non-toxic, healthy, non-stick cookware line that offers a simple, safe alternative.

This durable, stylish cookware is made with Thermolon – a natural, ceramic non-stick coating made from minerals rather than plastic synthetics.

Traditional non-stick coated cookware can reach a temperature of 500o F. in minutes, which will start the breakdown of regular non-stick coatings. This causes toxic fumes from the release of PTFE, which can be harmful to small pets including birds. Humans can experience respiratory issues from this such as headache and nausea.

GreenPan uses a mineral coating, not toxic synthetics

When you cook with traditional non-stick pans, there’s actually a label saying to open a window while cooking, says Dieter Naessens,  GreenPan’s Vice President of the US.

That’s because it’s dangerous to cook your food in it, especially for children, he said.

Thermolon is heat-resistant up to 850o F., and will never blister, peel or emit any harmful fumes.

Recently, an investigative panel reported links PFOA to kidney and testicular cancer.

” A lot of buyers and retailers are (becoming) aware of that and starting to change their buying to more ceramic,” said Naessens.

DuPont introduced the PTFE process in 1960 and it’s been used in non-stick cookware ever since.  From that point  on, the only changes were to add more layers of this toxic chemical to make non-stick cookware “better”.

When GreenPan was launched in 2007 with its new ceramic technology, it sold 100,000 pans in four hours on the Home Shopping Network (HSN)! By the end of that year, they’d sold several million pans through them.

The GreenPan cooks evenly, using low to medium heat - a great energy savings!

GreenPan has a number of green features.

Its ergonomic handles are made from premium recycled stainless steel and GreenPan uses recycled materials in its aluminum. Even the packaging is made mostly from recycled materials! That means a 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process.

GreenPan lets you cook on low to medium heat. Its construction lets it cook more evenly than traditional non-stick. That saves you on your utility bills!

Over the years, the company has worked to constantly improve the GreenPan – to make it more abrasion-resistant and more non-stick.

Since its launch, a lot of companies are trying to copy the success and technology of the GreenPan, said Naessens.

To be sure you have the GreenPan just look for the apple on the inside label, he said.

There are a few different types of GreenPan collections. I tested out a pan from the  Rotterdam professional cookware collection. This has a green removable silicone sleeve. Their San Francisco professional collection has upcycled stainless steel handles.

From the GreenPan San Francisco professional collection

Both collections use heavy gauge upcycled aluminum with a Thermolon coating for perfect heat distribution, creating even cooking and retaining moisture, heat and especially flavor.

There are some do’s and don’ts in using these great pans.

Before using a GreenPan, wash with mild soapy water; rinse, then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Also, pre-heat your pan and allow a small amount of oil or butter to briefly heat before adding food to the pan.

The “don’ts” include:

  • Do NOT put this in the dishwasher. It will warp and void the warranty.
  • Don’t use metal utensils – only plastic, rubber, nylon and wood.
  • Don’t use oil sprays. If you want, use a little bit of oil for flavoring.
  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners, harsh scouring pads or steel wool to clean the pan.  This will damage the non-stick coating and void the warranty.
  • Do not put a hot GreenPan under cold water. Allow it to cool completely first.

Using a GreenPan is healthier for you and your family

Throw away your regular non-stick pans, says Naessens. They’re carcinogenic, he said, and you’re exposing your children to this. Look for the healthy alternative!

These amazingly efficient and healthier pans can be found at a growing number of retail stores, including Target, Publix, some Macy’s and specialty stores. You can locate a store near you by going to You can also find them online at Amazon, Macy’s and

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