Ditch those paper towels for Bambooee!

Bambooee is a versatile, durable alternative to paper towels that can save you money

Americans use more than 580 pounds of paper per person every year – enough to build a 12-foot high wall from San Francisco to New York!

Every day, 3,000 tons of paper towels are sent to American landfills.

The folks who created Bambooee hope to help change our paper addiction.

A reusable cloth made from sustainably grown bamboo, one roll of Bambooee is equal to 60 rolls of regular paper towels and can replace up to six months worth of paper towel use. That’s a lot of savings!

Introduced in March at the 2012 Expo West in Anaheim, California, Bambooee won the “Best of the West” award.

Certified organic and 100 percent biodegradable, Bambooee was conceived during a kitchen conversation between Noam Krasniansky, the Bambooee’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales, and his wife, the company’s owner.

Krasniansky says his wife insisted he come up with a product that took paper out of her kitchen. She didn’t want to use paper napkins or paper towels any more.

The issue was not using cellulose, which is commonly used for cleaning products like paper towels and sponges.

The challenge, he said, was to find something more sustainable.

Bambooee is made from timber bamboo, which is sustainably harvested

After looking at a variety of materials, including sugar cane and bagasse, Krasniansky chose bamboo.

Bamboo produces more biomass than any other plant in the world, Krasniansky says.

“It’s the ultimate sustainable material,” he said.

It can be strong as steel, yet made into soft material via bamboo fiber. And it can be used for a myriad of things – building materials, burned for charcoal, and, in Eastern cultures, it’s used as a detoxifier.

With over 2,000 different varieties of bamboo, Bambooee utilizes timber bamboo, which grows 60 to 100 feet high. This bamboo takes six to seven years to mature before it’s harvested sustainably, and it doesn’t have to be replanted. Its rhizone root system easily helps the bamboo to regenerate itself.

That way, the forest can keep growing each year, said Krasniansky.

Bamboo is grown without pesticides, insecticides or fertilizer.  And it sequesters more CO2 than other standing trees – taking in 400% more greenhouse gases and producing 35% more oxygen.

The company’s ultimate goal is to grow a bamboo forest that will be sustainable. They’re looking at doing this in the former Cotton Belt, the southeastern region of the United States where cotton used to be the main cash crop.

The humidity there is perfect for growing bamboo, said Krasniansky.

Bambooee has plans to create a sustainable bamboo forest in the U.S. Cotton Belt

The company is working to turn this goal into a reality.

As for Bambooee, it’s both versatile and durable.

It’s stronger, more durable and more absorbent than the regular paper towels. Its 1,001 uses include soaking up greasy spills, drying heavy produce, cleaning up wet or sticky messes, washing dishes and removing pet hair / dust from furniture. It’s soft enough to be used as a baby wipe yet it can also serve as a cloth for your floor sweeper. It can even help remove make-up or be used to clean your windows!

Bambooee is washable by both dishwasher and washing machine. And, says Krasniansky, the more you wash it, the softer and more durable it becomes! You can reuse it up to 25 times, but with repeated washings, that can be extended for months!

The company recommends line drying rather than by machine. But you can wash it with bleach if need be – it’s chemical resistant.

It fits perfectly on a paper towel dispenser too.

The company wants to help Americans change our penchant for buying paper.

“We want people to have a choice to vote with their dollars, Krasniansky said.

Big companies don’t give people a choice, he said. “We want to change the way people shop!”

Bambooee will partner with Trees for the Future to plant trees around the world and prevent deforestation

Bambooee is currently finalizing a new partnership with the non-profit “Trees for the Future”, an organization that helps communities around the world plant trees and fight deforestation. Since its founding in 1989, they’ve planted over 50 million trees in 12,000 villages in 58 countries.

Bambooee is setting up a program, to be in place shortly, where for each roll of Bambooee consumers purchase, the company will plant one tree.

The goal, said Krasniansky, is to plant one million trees.

They’ll have a ticker on the website showing how many trees have been planted to date.

Bambooee is currently available at Williams-Sonoma and at Whole Foods on the West Coast. To find out more about the tree planting program or to purchase Bambooee online, go to Bambooee.com.

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