Upcycling the Plastic Gyres to create fuel

The Upcycle the Gyres Society wants to collect and convert ocean plastic into usable fuel

Over the past three years, I’ve written about the plastic debris or plastic gyres, in our world’s oceans.   The latest news is that the gyres are growing larger, making the need to find solutions to clean them up even more critical.

The Upcycle the Gyres Society is a new, not-for-profit that plans to upcycle floating ocean plastic debris into diesel, gasoline, and kerosene.

In order to fund construction of its Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Research Resort – the first floating, self-sufficient, eco-research destination – the Society is currently seeking investors for its innovative clean-up and upcycling operation. The idea is that investors will want to make a neat return on their investment and do something good for the environment.

The possibility that this venture presents is exciting. The plastic is there, albeit in zillions of fragments throughout our oceans, so there is accessibility. The technology of converting plastic into fuel is proven. Offshore production, storage, and offloading technology is there. And green ships that are powered by the sun, wind, and wave propulsion already exist, which would make this kind of venture economically feasible.

A floating boat surrounded by plastic inside an ocean gyre

Also on the plus side, converting plastic into fuel creates a carbon capture from the recovery operation which leaves the water right where it is – no water demand.

José Luis Gutiérrez-García, the man behind the fledgling Upcycle the Gyres Society says “this business will extend the economic sphere into a long-term health plan for the planet.”

The Canadian-based organization says investors could conceivably anticipate an ROI of $104.5 billion Canadian dollars, over a still undetermined number of years. That’s not an opportunity you leave stashed in a drawer for a rainy day. Definitely an enticing opportunity to give serious consideration to.

To find out more or to become an investor, go to Indiegogo.com/UGS. Or visit their new website at http://www.upcycle-the-gyres.net.

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