Bella Skin Perfection Lotion brings relief to dry itchy skin

According to s Barney Kenet, MD, a dermatologist from New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center, “there are probably close to 100 million dried out, itchy people in this country.”

Reasons for this range from basic dry skin, eczema, chemotherapy treatment and a host of other skin-related issues.

Louise Dutton, founder of Bella Soap Company, Inc., has been developing products for people with skin-related problems such as multiple chemical sensitivities, an intolerance to colorants, chemicals, etc. since 1999.

You may recall my column in 2010 about her Dry Skin soaps. Her latest skin-relieving product is Bella Skin Perfection Lotion.

Introduced in January, this fragrance-free, hand and body lotion contains no synthetic ingredients. Completely plant-based, it’s certified organic, gluten-and lactose-free. It helps to relieve dermatitis herpetiformis, an itchy, blistering skin disease that stems from gluten intolerance.

With the success of her soaps, Dutton wanted to offer her customers something with moisture that didn’t have any harmful side effects.

She tries to find ingredients that work for the majority of people.

“For skin, you really have to be careful,” Dutton said, particularly with people with allergies.

All the ingredients to this lotion provide some benefit to the skin, she said. But it’s not for everyone.

People with sensitivity to shea butter, for instance, can’t use it.

Dutton is emphatic about the big picture when it comes to lotion – “what goes on goes in!”

You should select your body care product to benefit you the most, she says.

The lotion’s second ingredient, caprylic-capric triglyceride, is proven to help your body and skin to absorb the lotion more easily.

You get the benefit of its many moisturizing ingredients – which include grapeseed, avacado, sunflower and jojoba oils – more thoroughly, much quicker and more thoroughly with this, she said.

Larger companies with moisturizing lotions on the market know this, Dutton said. But those products have a lesser percentage of this tryglyceride than Bella’s soothing lotion does.

Bella Skin Perfection Lotion offers natural relief, which helps dry, itchy skin heal more quickly, Dutton said.

Bella’s Skin Perfection Lotion helps dry, itchy skin heal more quickly and naturally

Dutton is very sensitive to the skin issues people face, whether as a result of cancer treatment, trying to manage their psoriasis, lupus, celiac disease, etc.

Many people with skin issues are prescribed topical steroids to help manage their itchiness. Dutton says using her lotion provides moisture that eliminates the itchiness associated with these skin issues, allowing many to get off of steroids.

Anyone with constant prescription-based, over-the-counter-based medicine to help with their issues can use this product, she said. “The likelihood of it interfering with any medication they’re being prescribed is very small,” she said.

“When you have a product your body doesn’t have to fight, it’s a blessing,” Dutton said.

Bella Skin Perfection Lotion is available in two sizes – the standard 8 fluid ounce size and a TSA-approved 2 fluid ounce travel size. These soothing lotions are available in a number of northern California retail stores, including Holiday Quality Foods in Redding and S&S Produce and Natural Foods in Chico. You’ll also find them at many California Whole Food Markets.

Dutton is currently running a special promotional offer on her website. Buy both sized lotions and you’ll save $2.39. Find out more at

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  1. Itchy skin is usually caused by allergy. You can take some antihistamines to minimize the itchiness. ;*’,*

    Have a great day!

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