Instant-Off – a simple way to save water

Instant-Off will eliminate dripping water and reduce your water usage

With the world’s population is increasing and indications showing a growth rate between 40 to 50 percent within the next 50 years, the demand for water won’t be able to keep up.

Concerns about food security in the face of climate change and retreating water sources has turned water into a precious commodity. Wasting water is a luxury we can’t afford.

Better water efficiency is what Instant-Off is all about.

This deceptively simple device eliminates wasted dripping water. It installs in a minute or less and requires no batteries, plumber or electricity to get the job done.

What it does is reduce home water usage by up to 75 percent, translating to a savings of 5,000 to 15,000 gallons of water per year!

Awarded “BEST IN CLASS” New Product World at the 2012 National Hardware Show,
Instant-Off’s stainless steel rod inside an automatic shut-off valve attaches easily to indoor bathrooms, kitchens and utility sinks used in homes, RVs and boats. Simply press the rod to activate the water; release it and the water stops. Once installed, you never have to touch the faucet handles again, eliminating your exposure to germs that lurk there.

For a continuous flow, push up on the device, twist and you have a steady stream.

Steve Gordon is the company’s President and its inventor. The brainstorm for this handy device happened years ago when he was filling a drink cup at a convenience store and “a bombshell went off” in his head.

Gordon realized he could create a water faucet device that would shut off in your hand, and that he could be the water conservation guy to do it.

With his team of engineers and hard work, Gordon introduced Instant-Off in 1991.

Potential water savings with Instant-Off

Now in its 21st year, he’s sold around two million units so far, in 30 countries. Gordon plans to be in 50 countries by the end of the year, and anticipates selling half-a-million units by year’s end.

Conserving water is easy, said Gordon.

Every month you spend $10 for wasted water, he said.

“For $10 to 20, you can buy a valve that will shut off your water every time you move your hands,” said Gordon, “and it will last for three to five years!”

“No matter how fast you turn off the water, you can never turn it off as fast as Instant-Off,” said Gordon. Only one drop is wasted from the time you move your hand off the steel rod.

Another of Instant-Off’s exciting features is it greatly reduces cross contamination.

Instant-Off is, says Gordon, the #1 device used throughout the poultry industry to reduce cross-contamination.

Plenty of germs live on chrome faucet handles.

In the food industry – where Instant-Off is used in over 300,000 restaurants – if you use this, you’re protecting customers from germs, Gordon said.

Using instant-Off can dramatically reduce cross-contamination by food handlers in restaurants

“You hit the Instant-Off with the back of your thumb, so it’s a lot cleaner,” said Gordon.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) paid to conduct a large study on this device. The scientific evidence was overwhelming as to its effectiveness.

Instant-Off has been selected to be used in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project, which will install public bathrooms in Ghana. Lack of proper sanitation facilities is killing millions of people there, Gordon said.

His goal “is to have a public impact everywhere there is water.”

“I can’t solve the world’s water crisis,” he said, “but I can have a definite impact in the world’s water supply!”

Instant-Off is available for homes and commercial use, including theft-proof devices for schools and public bathrooms. They’re currently used on all Norwegian Cruise Line ship galleys and hope to soon be in their rooms.

Currently, said Gordon, Instant-Off’s estimated global market is 500 million units.

Plans are on the boards to create a shower-type Instant-Off within the next three years, said Gordon. But this depends on acquiring investment funding.

“The only thing keeping us back from unbelievable growth,” says Gordon,
is lack of capital.”

To find out more or to purchase the Instant-Off, go to


3 Responses

  1. That’s pretty ingenious, turning taps into dispensers – a simple but effective change. I’d happily have one of those in my kitchen or bathroom, although I’d like to try one first. Pushing up and twisting a chrome rod with greasy hands doesn’t sound very user-friendly.

    • Jeremy:

      It’s definitely more sanitary than having to turn a faucet handle! And it’s easy to install too. Worth a try.

  2. I’d like to see this in HK market.
    I prefer to have it through bulk shipping than an individual one while considering the carbon footprint.

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