Screen Magic makes cleaning window screens easy

As spring rapidly morphs into summer, you may think spring cleaning is behind you. But one area you may not have considered – your window screens, which may not have caught your attention for quite a while – are very likely rife with dust and debris.

If the idea of cleaning your screens conjures up hours scrubbing with chemical sprays and multiple trips up and down ladders, there’s a simpler, greener alternative.

Screen Magic is an organic, earth-friendly spray that’s non-toxic and biodegradable. And it contains no solvents or other ingredients that might contribute towards ozone depletion as some harsh chemicals do.

This non-flammable, phosphate- and petroleum-free spray takes the scrubbing out of the equation. It’s as simple as removing the screens, spraying each side, then voila´! The emulsions in the spray eliminate the dust.

Screen Magic means no scrubbing – just spray, wipe and you’re done!

The company says using Screen Magic helps keep screens protected and looking like new for 4-5 months. And it will work on all kinds of screens – bug screens, sliding screen doors, even solar window screens of all different colors.

And, since Screen Magic looks the same on screens whether wet or dry, you’ll be able to see if you missed an area while spraying it, then  go back and get it.

As is my practice, I tried Screen Magic on the screens of my front windows, which hadn’t seen any cleaning action in the 6+ years I’ve lived in my house. Following the directions, I shook the bottle, then sprayed each screen thoroughly, front and back, which took about 2½ minutes tops. Then, wiping them off with a microfiber cloth (as recommended), I was done. Later in the afternoon, after I’d put them back up, I realized that the screens looked practically new, and that the sides of the screens were shiny clean. And best of all, I can see better through them.

Screen Magic comes in a 24 oz. size – which cleans up to 25 screens – and a 32 oz. refill size, which comes with a hand pump garden sprayer and cleans up 35 average size screens. For commercial use, it’s available in half-, one and five gallon concentrate containers. All sizes of Screen Magic are recyclable containers.

This very affordable screen cleaner is available at Hardware Express  and nationally at Ace Hardware, and will shortly be available nationwide at Bed Bath & Beyond.


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