Green Travel Guides from TripSketch make planning easy

As gas prices take an apparent welcome dip and summer heats up, thoughts turn to summer getaways.  Whether it’s a trip to the coast, visiting family or just hitting the road, road trips take time consuming planning.

TripSketch, a San Francisco Bay area mobile travel and trip planning company, has just launched a suite of nine new mobile “apps” for the iPhone and Android called Regional Green Travel Guides.

Recognized for its leadership in sustainable travel, TripSketch’s Green Traveler application was awarded 1st Place in the Eco/Green category by Nokia in 2010 at its “Calling all Innovators” Competition.

Green Traveler apps offer consumers professionally written, in-depth information on eco-friendly and sustainable attractions, restaurants, travel services and community-based social enterprises.

The idea behind Green Travel is to let you live, eat & travel like a local.”

Each of the nine travel guides feature 6 to 12 major cities, covering activities and attractions for a total of 80 cities throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and the southern Pacific Islands.

The award-winning Global Green Book that these apps draw from presents over 200 activities and “must see” popular attractions, listed under categories that include restaurants, tours, hotels and transportation. There’s also a category called “Do Good Feel Good©” which includes places to shop, restaurants as well as foundations and exciting social enterprises created by community development and non-profits.

The travel guides list “green” attractions that include parks, farmers markets, restaurants  offering many local, sustainable foods, green hotels and fun green walking history and food tours. You can also expand the selection to go beyond green. Each item listed has links to its website and maps, and, in most cases, includes phone numbers and the ability to add your choices to your growing itinerary.

TripSketch also offers free updates that include travel ideas, expanded coverage and updated information, all downloaded automatically via auto-prompt for no additional fee.  When your GPS is activated, the Green Travel Guides will filter travel options and trip ideas based on the distance from your current location.

Once you’ve downloaded one of these apps, it’s automatically stored on your mobile device. That means no roaming charges and no need for WiFi or internet access.

For those with on-the-go lifestyles, TripSketch’s new Regional Green Travel Guides offer on-the-go access and makes making travel plans easy and fun!

The new apps cover exciting areas – Honolulu, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle. Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Calistoga, Napa, Napa Valley Wine Country, Yountville (also beautiful wine country) and San Francisco.

Choose whichever region / area you want to visit, then start planning your trip by downloading the app to your smartphone or Android for just $1.99. Then refer back to it as you build your travel plans!

For the social network mavens out there, TripSketch has linked Facebook and Twitter into its website.

To find out more about these cool apps or to purchase and download them via iPhone, iPad, Android or Nokia, go to


3 Responses

  1. I love this and I must get it. I hope it lives up to the hype.

    • It’s great. I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised at what it offered. Worth more than the price!

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