North Carolina plant soon to convert human waste for energy

It may seem odd or even bizarre for some, but a North Carolina wastewater treatment plant will soon begin converting human waste to energy.

The concept isn’t a new one. There are or will soon be in fact several such ventures across the country, including in Brooklyn, NY and San Antonio. The Rocky River Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant will be the first in North Carolina to use its waste for power.

What’s fascinating – besides the fact of this topic itself – is what these treatment plants will do with the end product. San Antonio, for example, will turn its biosolids into natural gas – enough to fill 1,250 tanker trucks per day. North Carolina, on the other hand, expects to produce up to 1.9 megawatts of electricity from heat generated by a multihearth sludge incinerator. This is enough to power up to 1,400 homes per day. The power generated will be sold back into the power grid.

We truly live in interesting times. It’s another example of the next step towards a future with zero waste, zero trash and zero landfills. Sounds like a promising place to live.

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