Spray-on LED’s on wallpaper could be in our future

Walt Disney said : “if you can dream it, you can do it.”

Researcher and doctoral graduate Gul Armin wrote his thesis on how it’s possible to grow white LEDs, made from zinc oxide and a conducting polymer, directly on paper. He also shows how they can be printed onto wallpaper.

The idea of spray-on, energy efficient LED lighting is an intriguing one.

If it reaches the manufacturing stage, this could be sprayed onto plastic, paper, fabric or a variety of surfaces. This would create an amazingly innovative and, hopefully, cost-effective way to light up a room.

Armin, who recently received his doctorate at the Physical Electronics and Nanotechnology group at Linköping University in Sweden, shows in his thesis how it’s possible to grow white LEDs, He also successfully demonstrated spraying these LEDs directly onto paper. His method now has a patent pending with the company Ecospark, which was founded by Magnus Willander and the Swedish research center Acreo.

The process involves first coating the paper with a thin layer of a resin called cyclotene. This repels water and creates a smoother surface. A layer of a conductive polymer (plastic) called polydiethylflourene is then applied.

“This is the first time anyone has been able to build electronic and photonic, inorganic, semiconducting components directly on paper using chemical methods,” says professor Willander, who is leading the research.

Gul Amin has since returned to his native Pakistan to pursue his research, but the potential of zinc oxide is being further explored – in combination with graphene, copper oxide and other materials – at the Physical Electronics and Nanotechnology group.

What this new technology, or rather the concept of this, affords is the possibility for energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint in what could be a lovely and elegant fashion. It would eliminate separate light fixtures, creating a simpler room and building design. No more searching for extra light bulbs in the garage or on top shelves. Simple, energy efficient lighting that meshes with your decor. Let’s hope that this idea makes it to market!

2 Responses

  1. Very very cool. I want some. Wall paper has been “out” in recent years but htis is going to be so in!

  2. I really love the idea of LED wallpaper. Led lightings are proven to be beneficial. It does not only cut our electric usage, it can also be beneficial to the environment.

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