Eliminate smells naturally with “What Odor?”

There are dozens of different brands of air and carpet fresheners on the market. the majority of them don’t really get rid of a “bad” or lingering smell. They simply mask it, and not always well.

When you have a pet, the problem can be even worse. Sadly, statistics show one of the top reasons people surrender or get rid of their dogs is due to household “accidents”. Besides the mess, the lingering smell in your home can drive you up a wall and create real issues within families.

Nelson Grist, President and CEO of For the Earth Corp., wondered if there was some way to create a true odor eliminator that could make the difference. The result of his research is What Odor?.

Most products are just fragrance and water, Grist said. That made him wonder if there was a reason why companies only offered air fresheners or deodorizers, rather than something that knocked smells out completely.

With the help of a chemist friend, they found the right combination.

What Odor? is a pleasant, light, citrus-scented odor eliminating spray that’s made with 100 percent essential oils and water.

What Odor? eliminates even the worst household smells, with a light citrus scent that doesn’t linger

“When you mix the essential oils together,” Grist said, “it changes the molecular breakup (or breakdown) of what that odor is. It changes the DNA structure so there’s no odor.

Having previously spent twenty-five years in the pet industry, Grist’s focus was to create a product that was safe for pets as well as humans.

A lot of commercial cleaners say don’t spray near, around or on pets, Grist said.

What Odor? breaks that mold.

As a dog owner, Grist told of an encounter one of his dogs had with a skunk. In desperation, his wife sprayed the dog with What Odor?, then locked it in the bathroom overnight. In the morning, the dog and bathroom smelled clean and fresh – no skunk smell!

“People don’t believe it will eliminate the odors we deal with every day,” he said.

I put the product to the test on a burnt smell I’ve been working to get rid of in my microwave for months. After spraying What Odor? and leaving the microwave door closed, the smell seemed to be gone. The real test came several days later, when I noticed that the scent was still gone.

This odor eliminating product works on all kinds of smells: cooking and kitchen odors, smoking, diaper pails, vomit odor, tent and RV odors, and, in my case, on hard plastic. And the scent doesn’t linger like many conventional air fresheners.  You can even spray it directly on pets and on human bare skin without any problems.

You can use What Odor? to get rid of skunk smell from your four-legged friend

There are products out there that do not perform, said Grist. “If (our product) says it eliminate the odor, it will!”

But this product goes beyond getting rid of odors. It makes a difference in people’s lives as well.

Grist recalled several phone conversations with a grateful mother of a young teenager. Her son suffered from an illness that caused his bowels leached through no fault of his own. He also suffered merciless cruel teasing from other schoolkids because of this.

The mother bought the product, then put it into her son’s backpack. When the problem occurred, he sprayed himself each time.

The mother told Grist that What Odor? really did get rid of any smell. In her second phone call, she told him that her son had made his first real friend.

“We change people’s lives with (this) product,” Grist said.

Grist is still amazed that his small company has accomplished what larger commercial companies like Procter & Gamble haven’t.

What Odor? has been proven to eliminate years of smoke residue from homes when nothing else works. It’s being used by nursing homes to eliminate odors; athletes use it to eliminate the odor from their gear.

“It’s not the Rolls Royce of products,” he said, “but it works.”

What Odor? is available in four sizes: a 1-ounce travel size (perfect for use in hotel rooms), a 16- and 32-ounce size and a one gallon size for refills and commercial use. Affordably priced, they’re available online at WhatProducts.com. And you can receive a 10 percent discount by entering the code  “green” when you purchase this product.


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