New energy efficiency software makes life easier for builders and homeowners

Ed & Rachelle Begley, the King and Queen of living green; photo by Lisa Franchot

For those of you who may not know them, Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachelle Carson-Begley are “the King and Queen of green”.

Well-known environmental activists, the Begleys take living green to new heights in order to achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible. Along with driving an electric vehicle, being vegan and having what could be considered one of the greenest homes in America, the Begleys introduce TV viewers to an expanding variety of energy efficient, eco-friendly products, services and lifestyles on a weekly basis as hosts of the show Living with Ed.

Their latest venture, or adventure, is the planning and ultimate building of their new eco-conscious home. Ed Begley’s attention to detail may have slowed the project but Rachelle recently encountered a new innovative software that looks to get things moving again.

Ekotrope is a software designed at M.I.T. that allows architects and builders to input and compare residential or commercial design options in minutes. It organizes information and produces calculations that would normally take days and spits out the data in seconds.

This comprehensive web-based tool helped jump start the Begley’s stalled dream home project.

This easy-to-use, intuitive software:

  • lets clients find the best set of building components to meet their energy and cost goals,
  • ensures building designs meet environmental and local building codes;
  • helps avoid costly late-stage design corrections,
  • helps to maximize net savings through energy-efficient design,
  • is accessible through any web browser,
  • and offers flexible and extensive customer support.

Ekotrope holds the promise of revolutionizing the green building industry.

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