Wexy Lunch & Munch Bags makes healthy snacking fun for kids

Manufacturers of kid-related products have known for years that kids love bright, colorful packaging and capitalize on that. Two Moms on the Go LLC. turned this to an advantage for parents concerned about giving their kids healthy snacks with their new Wexy Lunch & Munch Bags.

These are BPA-free, disposable plastic food bags with a difference. Made in the U.S. of 100% recycled materials, Wexy’s reusable bags bring fun into the equation to help encourage kids to eat healthily. And they do it with the help of four fun colorful monsters that kids can really relate to.

The journey began when Two Moms’ co-founder Carie Connell’s son was born with severe allergies. Connell had to bake special foods for him. As he grew older, she was amazed at the unhealthy foods parents gave their kids.

One of Wexy’s 4 monsters, Bailey the Bubble Maker loves organic foods

And like any kid, her son wanted to be able to enjoy what his friends had.

What surprised Connell, though, was that the thing her son really liked and wanted was the packaging the “goodies” came in.

It was colorful and fun, she said.

By the time her second child came along, she’d met another mom, Tracey Ross, who fed her kids organic food. They talked about the idea of creating packaging that would be fun for kids and would inspire them. They decided to jump in and do it.

Connell said they went through three manufacturers before getting someone who would talk with her.

“It’s (been) a long haul,” she said.

But the result definitely is worth it.

Monster Sammy the Surfer eats gluten-free foods

One look at the packaging and you’ll begin see why kids love this. Its bright colors set off the funky graphics of the monsters on the box. And the bags themselves are, well, adorable!

There are four Monsters:

  • Sammy the Surfer, who eats foods that are gluten-free
  • Scout the Soccer Player, who loves to play sports
  • Bailey the Bubble Maker, who loves organic foods
  • Dusty the Diver, who loves raw foods

Each monster has its own “story”, detailing different ways that encourage kids to live healthy lives and have healthy, nutritious eating habits, in language they can relate to. The monsters engage the kids and, at the same time, explore some of parents’ food concerns.

Collins says her then five year old was involved in the creation process every step of the way.

They went back and forth with which characters to use, Collins said. “We wanted something unisex that would be fun,” she said.

They’ve had great responses from kids. And the quality of the bags is top notch too.

Dusty the Diver loves raw foods

“We use one of the best biodegradable plastics on the market,” said Collins.

And, she said “as long as it goes in a compost, it will biodegrade.” And that includes a home compost as well, an unusual but welcome plus.

The only downside is that the bag’s zipper isn’t biodegradable. It must be cut off before composting, she said. “No one’s figured how to (make it biodegradable) yet,” she said.

Collins says they’re currently making a video on how to compost the bags, which they’ll post on their website.

The Two Moms’ vision has been that focusing on kids health and better nutrition doesn’t mean having food in a boring container.

“Let them have fun with it,” she said.

Wexy’s Scout the Soccer Player loves to play sports

At the same time, said Collins, “this gives Mom less guilt when she needs the convenience of something disposable.”

And, she said, “it’s adding fun to our kids healthy snacks.”

Introduced in February 2012, Wexy Lunch & Munch Bags are just ramping up into retail stores. Currently they’re available online on Amazon and on FavorTheEarth.com.  Also check WexyBags.com/for newly added retail locations. These are plastic bags kids and parents are definitely going to love to use.

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