Auto Toilet Could Save Water by the Millions

The innovative Auto Toilet will be six times more water efficient than current low-flow models

In 2009, then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought. That same year, a young company called New Age Hygienic Systems was selected as one of The New California 100 Businesses for its remarkable, water-saving Auto Toilet.

Inventor Dan Andreiu, New Age Hygienic Systems’ founder and CEO, created the Auto Toilet. He says that this invention is the first update to the fundamental design and operation of the toilet in 200 years.

To learn more about this innovative toilet and its potential for water savings, go to

2 Responses

  1. The inventor doesn’t seem to understand that 1 liter of water is insufficient to move solid waste in North American drainlines. It is NOT ENOUGH just to get waste out of the toilet…it must also be moved to the sewer line in the street. I would NEVER want to install one of these in my home or business. I would be calling the roto rooter company every few days. In summary, any so-called ‘savings’ that would result from a 1 liter flushing toilets would definitely be offset by other costs (including the fixture itself) and resources and would result in a situation where the cost-benefit ratio would be greater than 1.

    And, by the way, this is not the first such ‘invention’ of this type. We have seen a bunch in the past (beginning in the 1990s, believe it or not) that never gained traction with investors or regulators. They just were not feasible.

  2. The R&D on this toilet has been done by Claytan group Malaysia
    and the engineering by WM-Asia Singapore. Claytan carries out certification testing for EU, US Australia as well as Japan.
    These certification tests ensure that the material in the bowl can be carried 25 yards down a level sewage pipe. and also that the bowl is washed down as a part of the flush process.
    The major difference is that this 1 liter toilet “emulsifies” the material including the paper before it leaves the bowl under pressure but it is now a very highly viscous material which is a slurry and follows the
    the modified viscosity equation proposed by Guth and Simha which takes into account interaction between the solid particles:

    You will find that by calculation and testing the certification requirements can easily be achieved.from 10 degrees centigrade and above.

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