Kiss-u Tissues – convenience and safety in a tube

Amy Davis, a Connecticut mom, created these handy tissue tubes to help parents and kids stay safer while driving

Distracted driving is the cause of many a car accident. For many, the culprit is texting. Busy parents, however, can get distracted searching for something that kids in the back seat need. One look away from the road can spell disaster.

That was the impetus behind Amy Davis creating the innovative Kiss-u Tissues.

The mother of three kids from Connecticut had her “moment” while driving, when she was distracted while searching for a tissue for her kids. She nearly took out her neighbor’s fence in the process. Fortunately, the car veered to the right, barely missing it.

“It could have been a pedestrian,” she said.

At that point, Davis realized that the problem of finding a tissue for kids while driving was a big issue for many parents.

Incorporating 2008, Davis began working with designs and prototypes that would solve this problem. And in 2010, the Kiss-u Tissue was born.

Originally sold regionally in Connecticut and upstate New York, in January 2011 Davis’s fun product was launched at Walgreen’s nationwide.

Kiss-u Tissues fit inside a standard car cup holder for easy access

Designed to fit in the cup holder of a car, shopping cart or stroller, Kiss-u Tissues are a convenient and safe way to always have tissues at the ready when on the go. These refillable, cylindrical dispensers are 7 ½ inches tall with a pull-through top that can be removed for adding refills. Made of 60 percent recyclable cardboard. Kiss-u Tissues tubes come in a wide variety of fun, colorful patterns with names like Audience, Zebra and Leopard, all of which Davis designed herself. Each tube contains chlorine free tissues and refill packets can be easily stored in the glove compartment of your car.

“Women really “get” the product,” says Davis, a fact that helped her land Walgreen’s.

She sent samples to women in the executive division to try it and it worked!

On February 1st, 2011, 7,600 cases with 16 tubes in each were rolled out across the country in Walgreen’s stores. Despite the fact that the display wasn’t the right size, managers of 3,500 of the chain’s 8,500 stores were furiously trading within their regional networks to get as much of these products as possible. Managers took the display and put it in front of the store. And customers really responded.

Within a week they sold out! And within the first three weeks, $55,000 in sales were made.

Along with being fun to look at and their added convenience, the product is eco-friendly. But, says Davis, there really aren’t any soft recycled tissues.

What’s odd, she said, is that Kimberly-Clark uses bamboo and eucalyptus in their tissues, so the potential is there. But the probability that they use clear-cutting in their forest harvesting exists, so that knocks them out of being truly “green”.

“If they hired farmers to grow it for them, they could really have a market and (really) call themselves environmentally-friendly,” she said.

Davis manufactures Kiss-u Tissues in both China and the U.S. – the latter for orders larger than 60,000 units. But she has vetted the Chinese factories, had them inspected, and feels strongly that they’re highly reputable.

With a change in Walgreen’s policy, the chain is currently not carrying this product. But it’s being test marketed at Krogers, Wegmans & Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s currently available online at and plans are in the works to have them available in major retail stores.


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  1. Love that they are made with recycled cardboard! Very cool idea.

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