How to Green Your Printer and Save

The following is a guest blog by Shane Shirley-Smith.

Consumers Just Say “NO” to Throwing Money Away Along with Their Ink Cartridges

Free Ink 4 Life is a sustainable way to refill ink cartridges and save money too!

Consumers today are more eco-conscious than ever about how they are spending their money.  Reducing the impact that purchasing choices have on the planet is on consumer radar and wastefulness is on the demise.

People are feeling less green in their wallet but want more green in their products and are looking for innovative ways to deal with both desires. Consumers get that green feeling every time they print something and notice the ink is getting low. Consumers can turn in their ink cartridges for recycling and receive a small credit at many stores that accept used ink cartridges.  Still, many consumers are left wondering if there is an even better way to green their printer.

Here’s How to Easily Green Your Printer and Your Wallet… Don’t Replace.  REFILL – RE-USE – RECYCLE!

This money-saving system eliminates the need to constantly buy plastic ink cartridges

If you look at how much you are spending on your ink cartridge refills, each month you can see that buying new ink cartridges really takes a toll on your wallet and the planet.  If you own a business, you know you are spending even more than the average consumer for your printing.  Spending $40, $60 and even $8o and more can be the norm. Free Ink 4 Life  has perfected a way to save money on ink while keeping an eye on sustainability by nixing the need to buy plastic ink jet cartridges.

With Free Ink 4 Life, anyone can refill the cartridges they already have.  No more having to save the empty ink cartridges for recycling or, worse yet, no more guilt because they were thrown away.  Made in the USA, Free Ink 4 Life makes it easy to go green and save green.

Technology Insures Anyone Can Easily Use the Free Ink 4 Life No Mess Inkjet Refilling System

Free Ink 4 Life lets you refill the cartridges you already have

The Free Ink 4 Life refill kit gives you over $500.00 of inkjet cartridge refills and it’s easy to use.  The folks at Free Ink 4 Life wrote the book on  “easy.” They have even included an instructional, interactive CD-Rom to ensure ease of use.  The CD-Rom gives users step by step directions on how to refill over 450 different types of ink cartridges from various manufacturers using ink formulations including: dye, pigment & photo inks.

Each easy-to-use kit saves hundreds of dollars compared to the purchase of new inkjet cartridges while at the same time-saving our landfills.  This perfect green combination provides necessary, green innovation for a more sustainable future.

Recently selected by a Fortune 500 corporation as one of the top ten bloggers in the U.S and Canada to serve on their Blogger Advisory Board, Shane Shirley Smith is also a Ford Motors Digital Influencer. Visit her which offers consumer information, products and creative partnerships for a greener life and world.

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  1. Thanks so much for letting me guest post!

  2. Great story. Hopefully the next step is extended battery life for all of life’s necessary gadgets 🙂 Ran into this interesting infographic to supplement-

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